"Revanth Reddy's verbal attacks reflect nervousness as BRS exposes govt's flaws": Harish Rao

He also remarked that Revanth's criticisms were becoming personal, emphasising that Chief Minister's position should maintain a level of decorum even when critiquing the opposition.

Update: 2024-04-20 18:57 GMT

HYDERABAD: BRS MLA and former Minister T Harish Rao has accused Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy of being nervous as the BRS has been continuously exposing his shortcomings.

Addressing reporters in Gajwel on Saturday, Harish Rao said that the leader of opposition and BRS president K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) had overseen significant development in the Medak Lok Sabha constituency, while Revanth Reddy remained unaware of these achievements.


"Under the BRS Government, train connectivity was established in Gajwel and Siddipet, and the new Medak district was created, along with the construction of the Collectorate and SP Office buildings," Harish said.

He also remarked that Revanth Reddy's criticisms were becoming personal, emphasising that someone holding the Chief Minister's position should maintain a level of decorum even when critiquing opposition leaders.


Highlighting Revanth Reddy's alleged hypocrisy, Harish Rao pointed out that while Revanth welcomed opposition leaders into the Congress, his party leader Rahul Gandhi advocated for the disqualification of elected representatives who switched parties.

Moreover, Harish Rao noted that the BRS had provided ample opportunities to BCs, SCs, and minorities, contrasting this with the Congress Government's failure to include any minorities in the cabinet, despite relying on their support to form the Government.

Responding to Revanth Reddy's criticism of BRS Medak Lok Sabha candidate P Venkatrami Reddy, Harish Rao defended Venkatrami Reddy's record of completing reservoir projects in Siddipet district and providing comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement packages to the displaced population.


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