Andhra Pradesh home minister Tanethi Vanitha attacked by TDP goons in Gopalapuram

Andhra Pradesh home minister Tanethi Vanitha attacked by TDP goons in Gopalapuram

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Tanethi Vanitha was allegedly attacked by TDP members in Gopalapuram on Wednesday. The incident took place as the Minister was returning to her overnight stay at the residence of former ZPTC Subrahmanyam in Nallajlara.

The YSRCP has accused the TDP of escalating violence in Andhra Pradesh during the election campaign, citing the attack on Home Minister Tanethi Vanitha while she was campaigning in the Gopalapuram constituency of East Godavari late last night.

TDP members reportedly assaulted the YSRCP's campaign vehicle, vandalised furniture, and caused significant disturbance. Multiple incidents of violent attacks by TDP members have been reported across the state, with several YSRCP women party workers facing harassment in the days leading up to the polls.

In addition to the attack on Home Minister Tanethi Vanitha in Gopalapuram, similar incidents occurred in Vijayawada, where Bonda Uma's associates harassed YSRCP women workers, and in Banganapalle, where TDP supporters targeted YSRCP women wing leaders.

Political analysts suggest that the TDP's actions stem from desperation, as they fear overwhelming support for Jagan among women voters, potentially leading to a significant defeat for the TDP. This desperation has driven them to resort to such drastic measures.

Moreover, analysts point out that one of the TDP's recent missteps is hindering welfare schemes aimed at women, including YSR Cheyutha and EBC Nestham, by filing complaints with the Election Commission, causing a delay in the disbursement of funds totaling Rs. 10,000 crore.

Voters are increasingly aware of these tactics employed by the TDP, expressing their frustration through various platforms, including media and social media.

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