Andhra Pradesh only State that provides a pension of Rs 3,000: YS Jagan

In 58 months, Rs. 29.65 crore has been deposited to beneficiaries in Tuggali village. Meanwhile in Ratana village, Rs 26 crore has been deposited into account of beneficiaries.

Andhra Pradesh only State that provides a pension of Rs 3,000: YS Jagan

KURNOOL: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's 'Memantha Siddham' yatra continues to pull people in large numbers in Kurnool. On the fourth day of the yatra, Chief Minister YS Jagan interacted with the people of Tuggali and Ratana villages and explained the schemes implemented by the Government while also receiving suggestions from beneficiaries during the meeting.

“There are about 10,000 people in the two secretariats of Tuggali and Ratana villages. We can see the revolutionary changes brought in by our Government, which didn’t happen in the previous regime, and the people should ask why it didn’t happen earlier,” YS Jagan.

“Out of 1,748 houses (population of 5,200) in Tuggali village, we have benefited 1,666 houses, i.e. 95 per cent of the houses through various welfare schemes. In the previous Government, whatever work was needed, whether it was toilets, pensions, or subsidized loans, without bribes it would not be possible. In 58 months, Rs. 29.65 crore have been deposited to the beneficiaries in the Tuggali village alone. Meanwhile, Ratana village with a population of 4,888 people and 1,569 houses, we have benefited 95 per cent of the houses where Rs 26 crore and Rs 59 lakh have been deposited into the account of beneficiaries,” said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister also listed down the scheme-wise funds distributed to the villages of Tuggali and Ratna for Ammavodi, Vidya Deevena, Asara, YSR Kalyanamastu, pensions, YSR Rythu Bharosa which were given without bribe or discrimination. Further, he also mentioned the number of beneficiaries in the housing scheme (66 houses to Tuggali and 122 houses to Ratana) and YSR Arogya Sri and Arogya Asara scheme, which provides free medical treatment.

The Chief Minister also explained to the people about the secretariat system with organised volunteers, and said, “RBK is a great system that takes care of farmers. The Government also provides free crop insurance for every acre.”

He also talked about the revolutionary changes in the Government schools where the present government implemented English medium in Government schools with bilingual textbooks (one page Telugu and another side English), Tabs given to the eighth-class students, digital teaching, and so on.

“We vote in this election not just to elect an MLA or MP but for the continuation of these ongoing changes, which improve the livelihood of the poor,” said YS Jagan. After interacting with pension beneficiaries, the Chief Minister said, “People should ask their family members about the pension they had received during Chandrababu's rule and how much was it... But now, our present Government is providing Rs 3000, which is not available in any other State in the country. We are spending over Rs. 24 thousand crore per annum on pensions (66 lakh beneficiaries). If we compare to other states, Telangana is in second place with only Rs. 12 thousand crores. In the previous Government, only Rs 39 lakh were given to people.”

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