AP was developed like a crop field, says Jagan

CM Jagan addressed an election meeting at the Ambedkar Centre in Repalle, Bapatla district.

AP was developed like a crop field, says Jagan

BAPATLA: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy shared an inspiring vision for the state's future. He compared his government's efforts to those of a farmer cultivating a fertile crop field, where the seeds of development sown would mature into strong trees of prosperity over the next 15 years.

Addressing an election meeting at the Ambedkar Centre in Repalle, Bapatla district, on Monday, CM Jagan said, "Imagine Andhra Pradesh as a vast crop field. Five years ago, you entrusted me, your child, with the responsibility of tending this field. At that time, we introduced numerous schemes, implemented changes, and enacted reforms, such as a careful farmer planting seeds. Our growth represents a harvest of progress, welfare, and a brighter future for every household."

CM Jagan noted that the seeds planted across households, villages, towns, and social classes had begun to grow. "Your farmer, your child, your brother Jagan sowed the seeds for a future marked by development and welfare. In the coming 15 years, these crops will grow into strong trees, reshaping the destinies of the state's poorest residents," he said.

He stressed that the upcoming elections were crucial, emphasising that they were not just about electing MLAs or MPs but about shaping the future and strengthening existing schemes. CM Jagan warned that trusting TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu often led to betrayal.

Over the past 59 months, the government has made significant strides in welfare and development. With the push of a button, Rs. 2.70 lakh crore had been allocated without any hint of corruption, benefiting the state's people. "We fulfilled 99% of our manifesto promises and created 2.31 lakh jobs," he said.

The Chief Minister highlighted key educational achievements, mentioning the transformation of government schools through the Nadu-Nedu program, which introduced digital classrooms and provided tablets to eighth-grade students. He outlined switching to English-medium education, including TOEFL, IB training, and bilingual textbooks.

Initiatives like the Amma Vodi, Vidya Kanuka, and Gorumudda (Mid-Day Meal) programs have provided substantial support to mothers and students. Vidya Deevena and Vasathi Deevena have aided students in pursuing higher education.

The government also demonstrated its commitment to empowering women through schemes like Aasara, Sunna Vaddi, Cheyutha, and Kapu Nestham and by registering 31 lakh house site pattas for women beneficiaries. Elderly citizens received Rs. 3,000 pensions, and essential services were delivered to their doorsteps.

For farmers, the government provided support through Rythu Bharosa, free crop insurance, input subsidies, and 9-hour free electricity, facilitated through Rythu Bharosa Kendras.

Self-employment was promoted through schemes like Vahana Mitra, Nethanna Nestham, Matsyakara Bharosa, Thodu/Chedodu, and Law Nestham. Dr YSR Aarogyasri provided healthcare benefits worth Rs. 25 lakh, and village clinics and Aarogya Suraksha services offered comprehensive healthcare accessibility.

Infrastructure and services improved across villages, with village secretariats offering nearly 600 services, a volunteer system, fibre grids, and digital libraries. Mahila police and the Disha app emphasised safety for women.

CM Jagan emphasised that the government's vision for Andhra Pradesh was sustained growth and welfare.

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