Can NDA guarantee special category status to Andhra Pradesh? Asks Jagan

CM Jagan addressing elections meetings at Gajuwaka, Ichapuram and Rajanagaram.

Can NDA guarantee special category status to Andhra Pradesh? Asks Jagan

RAJANAGARAM: Chief Minister and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) could guarantee Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh.

Addressing an election meeting in Gajuwaka on Tuesday, Jagan reminded that PM Modi had blamed Chandrababu Naidu in previous elections for turning the Polavaram project into an "ATM." Interestingly, the same Prime Minister who once accused Chandrababu of being highly corrupt is now praising him because of the NDA's alliance with the Telugu Desam Party. "This shows the depth of political manoeuvring and how allegiances shift depending on circumstances," Jagan remarked.

"If you vote for NDA and TDP, they will privatise the Vizag Steel Plant. If you don't want that to happen, vote for YSRCP," Jagan said.

Jagan also claimed that TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu sought help from his sister-in-law, a prominent BJP leader, to stop the ongoing welfare distribution in Andhra Pradesh.

In another meeting at Rajanagaram, Jagan highlighted Naidu's failures over 14 years as chief minister, pointing out that the TDP chief couldn't name a single significant scheme he implemented.

Jagan continued by accusing TDP, with support from Delhi, of hindering the distribution of Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) and other ongoing welfare schemes, such as pensions and input subsidies. "Chandrababu Naidu is orchestrating drama with the help of Delhi, causing suffering to the people and dragging the chief minister into legal battles," Jagan said.

He also discussed the welfare achievements of YSRCP over the past 59 months, emphasising that his government had devised a welfare calendar for scheme distributions and fulfilled 99% of its poll promises. He stated that his administration had directly deposited over Rs. 2.70 lakh crore to welfare scheme beneficiaries and created 2.31 lakh jobs in the state since 2019.

In the education sector, Jagan listed accomplishments like school renovations, the introduction of English medium with bilingual textbooks, and digital teaching from the 6th grade. He also mentioned welfare initiatives such as Asara, Cheyutha, Kapu Nestam, and EBC Nestam, along with the distribution of 31 lakh house title deeds, with 22 lakh houses currently under construction.

Discussing the health sector, Jagan highlighted the implementation of free Arogyashri health insurance with a coverage limit of Rs. 25 lakhs, the village clinic system, and the family doctor concept to provide medical care at the doorstep.

The Chief Minister also criticised Chandrababu Naidu's 2014 manifesto, pointing out the many never-fulfilled promises. "He promised a farm loan waiver of Rs. 87,612 crore and the waiving of savings society loans worth Rs. 14,205 crore. He didn't deliver on any of these," Jagan stated.

"But now Chandrababu is back with Super Six promises. Do you believe it?" Jagan asked while encouraging people to vote for YSRCP's Fan symbol.

In a separate meeting at Ichchapuram, Jagan said, "People of the state are aware of the drama and schemes the opposition is orchestrating. The power of the people lies in their vote, and they will use it to make their voices heard in Delhi."

Jagan mentioned that people should not refuse money offered by Chandrababu Naidu since it rightfully belongs to them. Still, he advised them to consider the positive impact of YSRCP's welfare measures when they vote.

Regarding the state's development, Jagan reiterated plans for a decentralised administration with Visakhapatnam as the executive capital. He mentioned ongoing projects such as the Bhogapuram Airport and the Mulapeta port works. He also highlighted the significant influx of industrial investment under YSRCP, comparing it with the lesser amounts during Chandrababu's tenure.

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