Jagan’s final pitch: Urges AP to vote for credibility, reject deceit; Vanga Geeta to be Dy CM if elected

Jagan addressed a series of meetings on the last day of the election campaign for the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Jagan’s final pitch: Urges AP to vote for credibility, reject deceit; Vanga Geeta to be Dy CM if elected

PITHAPURAM: Chief Minister and YSR Congress Party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy made a fervent appeal to the people of Andhra Pradesh, urging them to make a decisive choice between credibility and deceit in the simultaneous elections for Assembly and Lok Sabha.

Addressing an election campaign meeting in Pithapuram on Saturday, Jagan said that a vote for YSRCP would be a vote for the continuation of welfare schemes, ensuring ongoing household development. "Conversely, a vote for Chandrababu and his coalition spelt the end of these schemes, plunging you back into deception. This had been Chandrababu's historical modus operandi," he asserted.

"If you voted for your child, all the welfare schemes would continue, and each household would continue to witness overall development. If you voted for Chandrababu and his unholy alliance, all welfare schemes would stop, and you would be cheated again. This was Chandrababu's past history and track record," he said.

Jagan stressed the criticality of a YSRCP victory for sustained development. "Believing in Chandrababu was akin to walking into a trap. His coalition spelt the end of welfare schemes. The YSRCP government had directly credited 2.7 lakh crore rupees into people's accounts. This election would dictate the trajectory of home development and schemes for the next five years," he declared.

"My legacy is my credibility. I Said What I Did, and I Did What I Said," he said.

"We gave 2 lakh 31 thousand jobs. We considered the election manifesto as a holy book and implemented 99 per cent of the promises. Have you ever seen these schemes in the past? We gave 31 lakh house titles in the name of women. We gave the farmers 9 hours of free electricity during the day. We accompanied the farmer from the seed to the purchase of the crop. We stood with the small traders," said the CM.

Jagan contrasted the YSRCP's track record with the failures of its opponents. "TDP's 2014 manifesto was a stark reminder of Chandrababu's propensity for deceit. He would promise the moon to secure power, only to betray the trust of those who voted for him. Don't be swayed by his falsehoods," he cautioned.

Jagan asked whether these schemes for self-employment existed in the past. "We brought revolutionary changes in 59 months. The manifesto was considered to be the Bhagavad Gita, Quran, and Bible. We sent our manifesto directly to homes and took blessings. The CM said that your child (Jagan) gave meaning and credibility to the manifesto.

He announced that if Vanga Geetha won, she would be made deputy CM. Referring to Pawan Kalyan as the 'adopted son' who contested from Pithapuram, he asked, ' If you voted for the adopted son, would he stay here? ' He would go back to Hyderabad.

He also addressed meetings in Chilakaluripeta, Palnadu district, and Kakaluru of Eluru district.

Jagan's election campaign concluded today. On March 27, Jagan embarked on the 'Memanta Siddham' bus yatra, covering 106 constituencies. He addressed 16 Siddham Sabhas and 34 public meetings besides conducting roadshows in 14 constituencies.

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