Kishan Reddy refers to Visakhapatnam as Capital of Andhra Pradesh

Union Minister of Tourism and Culture G Kishan Reddy on Saturday described the port city of Visakhapatnam as the capital of Andhra Pradesh

Union Minister Kishan Reddy

Union Minister Kishan Reddy 

VISAKHAPATNAM: Union Minister of Tourism and Culture G Kishan Reddy on Saturday made key remarks describing the port city Visakhapatnam as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Addressing the media in Visakhapatnam, he urged the people of Visakhapatnam to vote for BJP candidate Madhav in the upcoming MLC elections. He promised that the city would be developed further.

The senior BJP leader from the neighbouring Telangana also reacted to the state of politics in Andhra Pradesh. He claimed that the people of Andhra Pradesh were suffering because of the feuds between two families. He said that politics in the state were degrading even as development was taking the backseat.

Kishan Reddy also felt that everyone should work with the motto of people’s welfare and that nothing could be achieved with vindictive politics.

Lauding the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the development of Andhra Pradesh, the Secunderabad MP claimed that huge development had taken place in the state in a very short period with the establishment of educational and research institutes. He fumed at those for slinging mud on the Centre for their petty political interests and opined that they were working for the people with development as the objective.

Kishan Reddy asserted that the closing ceremony of Alluri Sitaramaraju's birth anniversary celebrations would be held in Hyderabad and revealed that President Draupadi Murmu would grace the event.

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