"Opposition attacking me like pack of wolves": YS Jagan attacks TDP-JSP-BJP alliance

"Their job is to lie to you. Your Jagananna's job is to build a temple in your heart with the good work I have done," Jagan said about the alliance against him.

Opposition attacking me like pack of wolves: YS Jagan attacks TDP-JSP-BJP alliance

MADANAPALLI: Commencing day six of his Memantha Siddham Yatra, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy addressed a massive gathering here in Annamayya district on Tuesday, where he was greeted by an overwhelming number of supporters.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, YS Jagan expressed delight at the immense support received in Madanapalli, stating, "I am very happy to see not a sea but an ocean of supporters in Madanapalli. This ocean is of my family that has come here to defeat the anti-poor, the opposition alliance."

Asserting confidence in securing a resounding victory in the upcoming elections, he said, "These smiles on your faces make me even more confident that in the next six weeks, we will seal a great victory which will be for the poor and the future of the poor in this State. I am ready to win this battle for the poor. Are you all ready too?"

In his speech, YS Jagan outlined the achievements of the YSRCP government and the vision for the future, stating, "After the historic verdict that you gave me in 2019, I took my manifesto to be the Quran, Bible, Bhagavad Gita, and I fulfilled all the promises I made. My Government is committed to the future of the people and we do that without lies or deceit."

Highlighting the challenges posed by the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance, Jagan criticised their tactics, saying, "The opposition is unable to face me alone. Hence, they are coming in groups like a pack of wolves. Their job is to lie to you. Your Jagananna's job is to build a temple in your heart with the good work I have done."

Referring to the upcoming elections as a battle between justice and injustice, the Chief Minister urged people not to be swayed by false promises, stating, "This election is a war between a gang of crafty alliances whose foundation is lies and deceit."

He also addressed concerns regarding the discontinuation of welfare schemes if the opposition came to power and said, "Babu will try to stop every single rupee that is being given to the poor. If you want your pension to come directly to your home, you should not give a chance to Babu. Babu who failed to deliver even 10 per cent of what he promised, do you think he can today stand in front of you?

"Through DBT and Non-DBTs, we have given over 3 lakh 75 thousand crores to the people. If we mention the name of Chandrababu, not a single scheme comes to mind, but Jagan’s would resemble welfare and development without corruption or discrimination,” said the Chief Minister," he added.

Coming down heavily on Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister said, “Babu is a habitual liar. In 2014, he promised to waive off the loans of the farmers, and societies… but didn’t fulfill it. He also said that he would deposit Rs 25,000 in the account of a newborn baby girl, a job to every house, developing the State like Singapore but nothing materialised during his tenure.”

“His promise of building a hi-tech city in every city is nowhere in the picture. If you look at his manifesto, you will find more than 650 such promises but after the elections, it would be thrown off,” he added.

The Chief Minister also said that Chandrababu plans to destroy the state of Andhra Pradesh and even lodged complaints to block the pension in the election period and ‘a scientist like Babu should not be given a chance’.

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