Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy accuses Ramoji Rao of fraudulent use of Margadarsi chit funds

Sajjala said that the Margadarsi case is set to become a historic revelation of the frauds committed by Ramoji Rao

Sajjala flays TDP for false propaganda on Chandrababu Naidu’s deteriorating health in jail

AMARAVATI: Ramoji Rao, a household name in Telugu households due to his Eenadu daily newspaper, has been accused of defrauding people through the Margadarsi chit funds, said YSRCP General Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy on Thursday.

Addressing a press conference in Amaravati, Sajjala alleged that Ramoji Rao is utilising funds from the Margadarsi chit funds in violation of RBI guidelines to further his personal business interests. He said that the Margadarsi case is set to become a historic revelation of the frauds committed by Ramoji Rao.

Discussing TDP president Nara Chandrababu's alleged false promises, Sajjala said, "CBN is making empty promises to the people, such as offering a Rs. 10,000 salary to volunteers. At times, he pledges to abolish the volunteer system, while also promising Rs. 10,000 to volunteers if he assumes power. If TDP return to power, Chandrababu may retain the volunteer system under a different guise, perhaps as the Janmabhoomi committee, but with different individuals. During TDP's tenure, Janmabhoomi committee members exploited the populace akin to leeches."

He further slammed Chandrababu Naidu, alleging that numerous conspiracies were concocted to disrupt pension disbursements and sway voters. Sajjala recalled Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan's disparaging remarks about the volunteer system, asserting that Chandrababu's behavior has remained unchanged since 1995. He pledged that if the alliance secures victory, the volunteer system will be abolished, with the Janmabhoomi committee members assuming responsibility.

Sajjala said that individuals benefiting from government schemes will hold Jagan's government in high regard. He expressed confidence in YCP's return to power in the forthcoming elections. Sajjala denounced TDP leaders' accusations of YCP workers' misconduct as baseless, asserting that YCP will act impartially once the election code is lifted. He predicted a resounding victory for Jagan if the elections are conducted fairly.

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