Self-proclaimed heirs of YSR collaborate with enemies to destroy Avinash Reddy

YS Jagan also questioned why Chandrababu remains part of the NDA despite opposing minority reservations

Self-proclaimed heirs of YSR collaborate with enemies to destroy Avinash Reddy

KADAPA: "Self-proclaimed heirs of YSR have allied with his enemies to destroy Avinash Reddy's life. Their goal is to create a political vacuum in Kadapa district. However, I have faith in Avinash, who I believe will secure a substantial majority," said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Kadapa on Friday.

Addressing the people in Kadapa in support of MP candidate Y S Avinash Reddy, CM Jagan said, "After my father's demise, I departed from the Congress and independently contested for the Kadapa seat, founding the YSR Congress Party. The overwhelming victory, backed by 5.45 lakh people, showcased unwavering support. When I took oath as MP in Delhi, all parliamentarians turned their attention to Jagan.

"In their attempt to tarnish the YSR family's political legacy, they utilised every agency against us. Now, the very same Congress intends to pay respects at YSR Ghat in Idupulapaya. The party that vilified my father and falsely imprisoned me for 16 months is now visiting his grave. Voting for the Congress would betray the YSR legacy," added YS Jagan.

“Additionally, Chandrababu engages with the BJP by day and Congress by night,” stated Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

“They aim to divide our votes to enable Chandrababu's victory. The people, not the party that garnered fewer votes than NOTA and divided the state, should determine Kadapa's politics," said YS Jagan.

"We have allocated 7 seats with 4 percent political reservation for minorities. Urdu was declared the second official language, and we have appointed minorities as MLCs and MLAs. We have even appointed a minority brother as deputy chief minister and a woman minority leader as vice-president of the Legislative Council," he added.

YS Jagan also questioned why Chandrababu remains part of the NDA despite opposing minority reservations. "Manipulating Muslim reservations for political gain is unethical. We stand by the minorities on issues like NRC and CAA. However, Chandrababu allied with the BJP to revoke the 4 percent reservation for Muslims. Can Babu advocate for Muslim reservations in Modi's presence?" questioned YS Jagan.

"The 4 percent Muslim reservation is not based on religion but on their backwardness. This election will shape development and the continuity of schemes for the next five years," added YS Jagan.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy highlighted that the YSRCP government has generated 2.31 lakh jobs and disbursed over Rs 2.70 lakh crore through DBT over the last 59 months during an election campaign meeting in Mangalagiri on Friday.

“We initiate legal proceedings against individuals involved in criminal activities. When fraud occurs, we pursue cheating cases against the perpetrators. During elections, the opposition presents manifestos with impractical promises to deceive people. What legal action should be taken against them?” questioned YS Jagan.

“Their deceitful actions and conspiracies have obstructed the welfare measures of YSRCP. They have disrupted pension distribution and other welfare schemes that were reaching people's doorsteps. It has been two months, and these schemes haven't been implemented due to the opposition's tactics during the election period,” said the Chief Minister.

“I didn't commence welfare assistance just before elections. It has been distributed according to the welfare calendar for the last five years. They are not obstructing my government but the voices of poor students, women, and farmers. If you want to uplift the lives of the poor, vote for the Fan,” urged YS Jagan.

Meanwhile, CM Jagan accused Chandrababu of corruption during his tenure as Chief Minister and criticized his distribution of cash ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 for votes. He advised people to accept the money as it belongs to the public but to contemplate before voting.

Chief Minister Jagan said that the Kurukshetra war is imminent in three days. “The upcoming election is not just about electing MPs and MLAs but ensuring the continuity of welfare schemes for the next five years. Voting for Jagan ensures the continuation of all schemes, while voting for Chandrababu could jeopardise them,” said the Chief Minister.

“We have electronically transferred over Rs 2.70 lakh crore without discrimination. Did this occur in the previous administration?” questioned YS Jagan.

“The opposition often presents colorful manifestos during elections, only to discard them afterward. However, we have fulfilled 99 percent of the guarantees in our manifesto, unlike the previous administration,” said YS Jagan.

“We have enhanced government schools by introducing English medium, digital teaching with IFBs in classrooms from the 6th standard, providing free Tabs for 8th standard, TOEFL classes from the 3rd standard, IB curriculum with subject teachers’ concept, and bilingual textbooks. Additionally, we have implemented schemes for fee reimbursement, partnered with international universities for online certified courses, and made internships mandatory for courses,” he added.

To support and empower women, the government has introduced schemes like Asara, Sunnavaddi, Cheyutha, Kapu Nestham, EBC Nestam, and registered 31 lakh houses in the names of women beneficiaries, with 22 lakh under construction, said Chief Minister Jagan.

“Rs. 3,000 pension is delivered to beneficiaries' doorsteps along with various other civic services. Has this ever happened in the past?” questioned YS Jagan.

Highlighting schemes benefiting farmers, he said, “Rythu Bharosa, free crop insurance, input subsidy, free daytime electricity for farmers for 9 hours, RBK system implemented by the YSRCP Government.”

To promote self-employment, the government has introduced Vahanamitra for drivers, assistance for fishermen, and lawyers, which was absent in the previous administration, according to CM Jagan.

“No poor person should fall into medical debt, and the government has implemented free Arogyashri health insurance with a limit of Rs 25 lakhs, Arogya Asara for post-surgery needs, village clinics, and the family doctor concept to assist people at their doorstep,” said CM Jagan.

The Chief Minister also highlighted the availability of 600 services at village and ward secretariats. “A volunteer is assigned to every 60-70 households. Pension, civil services, and schemes are delivered without bribes and discrimination, all under our current administration, along with Mahila police at the village, Disha App, and digital libraries under construction,” said Chief Minister Jagan.

The Chief Minister also exposed the failed promises of Chandrababu and TDP’s 2014 manifesto pamphlet, questioning whether he fulfilled any of the mentioned promises. “He served as Chief Minister for 14 years. If you mention Chandrababu, will any poor person recall a single good thing he did?”

Highlighting Chandrababu Naidu's failed promises, Chief Minister YS Jagan said, “He promised a farm loan waiver of Rs.87,612 crore, waiving savings society loans worth Rs.14,205 crore, and depositing Rs 25,000 if a girl child is born in the state under the Mahalakshmi scheme. He didn’t deposit a single rupee.”

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