Unruffled Jagan rakes up Pawan Kalyan's three marriages again

YSRCP president came up with a strong retort to the Jana Sena chief and his recent barbs, laced with cuss words

Unruffled Jagan rakes up Pawan Kalyans three marriages again

AVANIGADDA: Looks like, the cauldron over Pawan Kalyan's three marriages, entwined with the three capitals issue in Andhra Pradesh, does not appear to die down so soon. Within days of the Jana Sena president hurling a heap of abuses on the YSRCP, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy once again raked up the actor-turned-politician's personal life, especially his three marriages, on Thursday.

In a clear sign that he and his YSRCP was not willing to take Pawan Kalyan's tantrums lying low, YS Jagan not just stirred the hornet's nest once again but even raised fundamental questions on morality and propriety of people in public life.

Taking part in a government programme here on Thursday, the YSRCP president came up with a strong retort to the Jana Sena chief and his recent barbs, laced with cuss words.

In a scathing attack on the opposition parties, YS Jagan took strong objection to their abusive language and said that they had no achievements to showcase while their Government, on the other hand, was pursuing its welfare agenda.

He said that while the State was going ahead with the three capitals formula keeping in mind decentralisation and development of all areas equally, self-proclaimed leaders were advocating three marriages and shamelessly resorting to abusive language and showing slippers publicly on TV channels. The Chief Minister wondered whether such leaders can be of any help to the people.

"Some people are brandishing their footwear besides hurling a heap of abuses. When we advocate the three-capitals idea for the overall welfare of the state, they seem to see mileage in three marriages," Jagan remarked.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister did not stop at that as he tried to drive the wedge deeper into the issue. "These people have no qualms in having a married life for four, five years and then divorce by offering some alimony. Then, they again go for fresh marriages. How will the institution of marriage survive if others too get inspired by this weird trend and become polygamous? How will the self-esteem of women be safeguarded, then? Everyone should introspect this," YS Jagan said.

"What would happen to the self-respect of our women if these leaders are to be followed? Such leaders, who have nothing great to claim about themselves cannot guide people and the society. It is very clear that Chandrababu has instigated the adopted son," the YSRCP president said.

Turncoats ganged up to take on 'one Jagan'

Jagan claimed that back-stabbers and leaders, who change colours like chameleons at election time, and their friendly media had ganged up against the government by forming an unholy nexus to take on one person (Jagan).

Observing that the coming 19 months would witness a continuous war between the pro-people government and the yellow gangsters who had formed opportunistic alliances, the Chief Minister expressed confidence that people would fully stand by him to thwart his opponents' attempts.

"It is going to be a war between the poor and the capitalists, between the good and the evil and between advocates of social justice and the people dividing the society," said the Chief Minister.

Asking the people to keep away from slanderous propaganda, he said that they should introspect whether they were benefitted or not by the welfare schemes of the YSRCP Government.

Asserting that he was not depending on media, dirty policies or adopted sons, Jagan said that he was only depending on each and everyone in the state who benefited from the welfare policies of his government.

Though he steered clear of taking names, Jagan left nothing for imagination on who he was targeting. And the reasons were very obvious on why he tucked into Pawan Kalyan. The Jana Sena chief, emboldened by the attention that he and his partymen received for their recent escapades in Visakhapatnam, chose foul-mouthing as his best bet two days ago to take on the ruling YSRCP.

He was criticised for going below the belt by choosing to attack the YSRCP leaders with abuses. But on the flipside, it helped in revving up the spirits of his Jana Sainiks besides sparking a perceived impression that he was able to give a befitting reply to the rampaging ruling party leaders.

YS Jagan's latest counter-offensive on Thursday is being seen as a strong message that his party was very much prepared for a long-drawn-out fight with any of its adversaries, including the mercurial Power Star. It will be interesting to see how Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena will react to this.

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