YS Jagan blows poll bugle from Visakhapatnam; inspires cadre to slogan “why not 175 in Assembly”

YSR Congress president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy was fiery and inspiring at the first in the series of ‘Siddham’ public meetings at Sangivalasa, Bheemili here on Saturday.


VISAKHAPATNAM: YSR Congress president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy was fiery and inspiring at the first in the series of ‘Siddham’ public meetings at Sangivalasa, Bheemili here on Saturday. Kickstarting the campaign for the ensuing elections he told his cadre what needs to be done to win all the 175 Assembly and 25 MPs seats.

The speech which highlighted the success of his Government in bringing welfare to every doorstep, reached its crescendo when he called upon the cadre whether they were ready for the war. “Nenu Siddham..Meeru Siddhama ( I am ready…are you ready)” he asked and they responded with a roar.

“The benefits reached 92 percent of households in rural and 84 percent of households in urban areas. Even if 60 percent of the people vote for us, no one can stop achieving the 175 mark,” YS Jagan said calling upon the cadre to meet and tell every household that if they vote for the opposition they will scrap all the schemes introduced by their son Jagan.

I am not Abhimanyu

“On one side there is the sea, on the other side there’s a sea of people. I am thrilled to see my soldiers ready for battle. We are up against a gang of thieves. Their tactics and promises are deceitful. The person in front of you is not Abhimanyu who doesn’t have a clue on how to break the ‘Chakravyuha’, but Arjuna. Please stand with me like Krishna. I am your Arjuna,” YS Jagan said addressing cadre from 34 Assembly constituencies of North AP.

YS Jagan compared the schemes that he implemented as arrows in this battle and said that YSRCP would win 175 out of 175 seats. “What we are doing here right now in Bheemili is that we are scripting history. It is only because we have fulfilled all promises made in our manifesto. On the other side, a seasoned politician like Chandrababu too was forced to ally with Jana Sena. They can’t fight us alone,” he said.

In the last 56 months of the YSRCP regime the Government created a new record by fulfilling 99 percent of the promises, YS Jagan pointed out. “In the next 75 days, I want every party leader to visit every household in the state and explain to the citizens how Chandrababu made over 600 promises in 2014 election manifesto but failed to fulfill even 10 percent,” he added.

The CM wanted the party cadre to visit every household in every village from Kuppam to Ichchapuram, and explain to people about RBKs, the volunteer system, and the upgradation of government schools under Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu, Mahila police personnel deployed in villages for the safety of women and digital libraries.

Naidu deceived farmers

Explaining how Nara Chandrababu Naidu deceived the farmers YS Jagan said that he promised to waive off their loans amounting to Rs 87,612 crore but cheated them by not fulfilling his promise. On the other hand, the YSRCP Government had raised the bar with Rythu Bharosa, RBKs, input subsidies, and providing free power to the farming sector.

“The YSRCP Government has undertaken the construction of 17 new medical colleges and appointed 53,000 people across the health sector which is a new record achieved by our Government. Chandrababu Naidu cannot build a village like we did, because his idea of a village is exploiting the poor to feed crony capitalists,” Jagan pointed out.

Quality education for the deprived

Describing the marked improvement in the education sector wherein the YCP Government had brought in transformational reforms including ‘Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu’, English medium, the transition from state syllabus to CBSE & IB syllabus, bilingual textbooks, Byju's content, smart tablets, IFPs in classrooms in the Government-run schools and full-fees reimbursement to the underprivileged children under Videsi Vidya Deevena scheme, he said that TDP and it's like would never want the poor to study in good schools.

Social justice

He said that his Government accorded the highest priority to social justice by enacting a law to allocate 50 percent of posts to leaders from BC, SC, ST, and minority communities while 68 percent of the Cabinet positions were given to leaders from the backward classes.

“Our government has appointed four deputy CMs from the backward classes with a SC leader being appointed as legislative council chairman, a BC leader as legislative assembly speaker, and a minority leader as a deputy chairperson of the council,” the YSRCP chief said.

YSRCP is your party

“Your anna (big brother) ensured corruption-free governance for five years without any compromise. Our Government gave 2.13 lakh permanent Government jobs and distributed Rs 2.53 lakh crore through welfare schemes. Almost 75 percent of the beneficiaries of all those schemes belong to the backward classes,” he said.

Despite numerous challenges posed by the pandemic, the Government didn't compromise on the welfare of the poor, farmers, and elderly, he said. “We continued to extend welfare schemes and deposited funds into the beneficiaries' bank accounts without any hassle or delay,” he said.

No corruption, no discrimination

He said that during the last 56 months, there was no corruption or discrimination in the implementation of Government schemes. “ Go to every house and tell them. Tell the people that I don’t believe in alliances or dirty tricks. Tell them that I don’t believe in yellow media. Tell them that I don’t believe in the adopted son,” Jagan said.

“You are my star campaigner. I want each of you to come out and campaign for me. I want all of you to stand as my star campaigners and detail the good things our government has done. From 2014 to 2019, welfare provided by Chandrababu's Government can be best understood by looking at your bank accounts. Ask them if they have contributed even a single rupee through welfare schemes,” he asked the cadre.


Weapons were prepared to target the poor by the conspirators and unholy alliances, YS Jagan said, and asked the cadre if they were ready for the war.

“We have delivered welfare and development to every household and every village. We will win 175 out of 175 assembly constituencies and 25 out of 25 parliament seats,” Jagan said summing up the essence of his speech.

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