YS Jagan seeks NRIs support, expertise in Andhra Pradesh development

YS Jagan seeks NRIs support, expertise in Andhra Pradesh development

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy urged NRIs on Monday to contribute to the development of the State by providing financial assistance and sharing their expertise and knowledge.

In a special video message conveyed to the ongoing NATA convention 2023 in Dallas, US, the Chief Minister expressed his delight at NRIs working in crucial positions abroad and striving to preserve Telugu culture and customs.

YS Jagan on this occasion reaffirmed the State Government’s belief that education was the only weapon which would bring about qualitative change in the society. Keeping this in mind, the State Government implemented several programmes like Amma Vodi, Goru Muddha, Vidya Kanuka and Vasathi Deevena to ensure hassle-free education, he added.

Informing the public about the revolutionary changes implemented in the educational sector in the State, the Chief Minister said that in the last four years, the State Government improved the basic infrastructure at Government schools under the Nadu-Nedu programme. This apart, they had also given tabs to students of class 8 and teachers, introduced the subject-teacher concept in class 3, distributed bilingual textbooks, launched digital teaching through IFPs in class 6 and imparted TOEFL training to students from classes 3 to 10, he added.

YS Jagan said that all these efforts were being made to help the students reach sky-high positions and turn them into global citizens.

The Chief Minister said that, from the next academic year, Intermediate students would receive TOEFL training. The introduction of English as a medium had helped students compete for corporate employment at the national and international levels, he claimed.

"Taking birth on Telugu soil and representing the poor and middle class of our society, you are all working in top positions as CEOs, professors in universities, scientists in NASA, doctors and business magnets. We feel proud that you have reached such positions with a strong focus and commitment," he commented.

YS Jagan said that he observed the same commitment and focusing abilities among the Telugu children here as well. "The State is witnessing revolutionary changes in the fields of education, medical and health care, agriculture and housing for the good of our future generations, besides transparently implementing the welfare programmes," he said.

"To take forward these changes, Andhra Pradesh needs support from NRIs, You can extend your support in whatever way you can for the growth of the State. Financial support will go a long way in the development of the State but more than that, Andhra Pradesh needs your exposure, experience and expertise for its all-round development,” YS Jagan opined. The Chief Minister said that tangible changes were visible even in other sectors.

The video containing YS Jagan’s message was played at the convention.

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