YS Jagan tells MLAs not to lose heart if denied tickets, says aim should be 175/175

“We have done good work in the last 4.5 years, but the next 6 months will be most crucial.”

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

AMARAVATHI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has called upon party leaders to give it all they have in the last six months, while hinting at the probability of some of the MLAs not getting a renewal of tickets. He, however, has said all belong to the same family and denial of ticket should not be mistaken for ill-treatment.

In a strategic move designed to galvanize party leaders for the upcoming elections, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy convened a high-level meeting on Tuesday with all the MLAs and his Council of Ministers. During this meeting, Chief Minister Jagan laid out a comprehensive plan for aggressive on-ground campaigns, directing party members and government officials to dedicate their efforts to this crucial endeavor.

In an impassioned address to party leaders, Jagan outlined his vision for the upcoming months, underscoring the significance of sustained effort and unity within the party. He expressed confidence in the YSRCP's strength on the field, something that had made the Opposition jittery so much so that they were all scrambling today to form alliances.

He urged party members to work collaboratively, resolve any internal conflicts at the grassroots level, and focus on their collective mission for the next six months.

Jagan reassured party leaders that they were all part of the same family, irrespective of ticket distribution, and called for trust in his leadership and the party's decisions.

Laying emphasis on the importance of public engagement, encouraging party members to be among the people and interacting with them extensively in the coming months, he reminded the leaders of his goal of winning all 175 seats in the forthcoming elections. He called upon every party member to work diligently, with enthusiasm and confidence, stressing that the next six months would determine the future of Andhra Pradesh.

His instructions were centered on two major outreach campaigns:

  • "Jagananna Aarogya Suraksha" campaign, led by the state government, and
  • "Why AP Needs Jagan" campaign being run by the party itself.

Jagananna Aarogya Suraksha was aimed screening five crore people and providing them with health services through over several health camps across the state. This campaign was structured in five distinct stages. In the first phase, volunteers and household leaders would visit every residence to provide information about the health protection program. Moving to the second phase, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Community Health Officers (CHOs), and Asha workers would visit each household to conduct medical tests. Additionally, they offered guidance on how to utilize the Arogyasree healthcare scheme effectively. In the third phase, volunteers, homeowners, and public representatives would disseminate information regarding the camp's arrangements, including the date and specific details. This phase typically occurred three days prior to the scheduled camp. The fourth phase involved the actual setup of medical camps where healthcare services were provided. Finally, in the fifth stage, the program would focus on identifying and assisting individuals who were unwell, ensuring they received the necessary care and support until they were fully cured. It's worth noting that this program was already underway, and a comprehensive workshop had been organized to ensure a thorough understanding of its implementation.

Why AP Needs Jagan

This would showcase the developmental progress in villages over the past four years. Under this, a new initiative called "Palle Ku Podam" would be launched to activate newly appointed party Mandal Presidents.

Jagan emphasized the need for successful implementation of both campaigns.

At the core of these campaigns lies the intention to communicate the accomplishments of the YSRCP government, with a particular emphasis on its welfare schemes.

Chief Minister Jagan set the tone for party leaders, urging them to engage on a mission mode to disseminate the party's message to every household in the state. A crucial element of this strategy we to highlight the distinctions between the YSRCP and its rival, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He emphasized the importance of educating voters about these differences, portraying the YSRCP as a party dedicated to the welfare of all citizens, while accusing the TDP of neglecting its promises and focusing on enriching the wealthy at the expense of the poor..

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