YS Jagan vows to fight alone like a lion, says others ganging up like wolves

The Chief Minister urged voters to distinguish between the TDP and the YSRCP during voting


HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday released Rs 330.15 crores as part of the 'Jagananna Chedodu' scheme for nearly 3.3 lakh beneficiaries at Vinukonda in Palnadu district on Monday.

The third tranche of the 'Jagananna Chedodu,' a direct benefit transfer scheme that provided financial support to self-employed people, was released by Chief Minister Jagan. A sum of Rs 330.15 crore would be credited into the accounts of 3,30,145 beneficiaries across the State under the scheme.

"Your son has no alliances. He will walk alone like a lion. Others are ganging up like wolves. I'm not afraid. Because, your son believes in you, the people, and the God', said YS Jagan to a large crowd during the event. He said that, in accordance with his commitment made at Padayatra, the YSRCP government had taken steps in the last three years to ensure that every scheme reached the public and that backward communities.

Under the Chedodu scheme, the beneficiaries would get Rs 10,000 each per annum. The aid can be utilised by the beneficiaries to purchase tools, equipment and other necessary tools to boost their income. So far, the government had extended Rs 927.51 crore aid to the beneficiaries.

YS Jagan said, the Navaratnas and other welfare schemes benefit every poor family and backward community in the state. He said that the Jagananna Chedodu scheme was transparent and free of corruption, with aid distributed impartially regardless of political party or caste. He said, every welfare program introduced in the last three years had aided families from all walks of life.

He said, "Andhra Pradesh has set an example in the country with regard to growth rate. We are ahead of all states with a GSDP of 11.43 percent. Every sector is developing simultaneously under the YSRCP government." YS Jagan also took potshots at the opposition for its false propaganda that the state would be engulfed in a financial mess like what happened in Sri Lanka.

He called upon people to choose between YSRCP which stands by its commitment and is implementing the election manifesto in letter and spirit and political hypocrites led by TDP and its friendly media which had pursued a policy of plunder, stash and devour like robbers.

YS Jagan said that the State was witnessing not a caste war but a class war between pro-poor people YSRCP Government on one side and political backstabbers and hypocrites enjoying the support of the capitalists on the other. He warned that he would take on the Gang of Four that looted the State lock, stock and barrel during the TDP rule and Chandrababu Naidu’s foster son who had no guts and wits to question the robbers.

"Many are jealous of the development in Andhra Pradesh under the YSRCP's rule and have decided to indulge in a false propaganda. Today, money is being credited directly into bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Do you recall such an exercise by the previous government? The previous regime was being run by a gang of thieves who used to gobble up money meant for public welfare. Do you want such a rule?" the CM questioned.

Asking the people not to be misled by the false propaganda of political adversaries, the Chief Minister appealed to them to stand by YSRCP that has been moving forward implementing various welfare schemes and empowering every BC, SC and ST family and helping them to improve financially.

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