YSRCP-TDP indulge in war of words over Geetanjali's death; cops close in on trollers

Guntur SP Tushar Dudi said, "Geetanjali was forced to commit suicide because she posted a video excitedly. The police will ensure that law comes down heavily in the perpetrators."

YSRCP-TDP indulge in war of words over Geetanjalis death; cops close in on trollers

VIJAYAWADA: The suicide of a young woman Geetanjali Devi in Tenali over alleged social media trolling by the TDP and the Jana Sena leaders, has now turned into a political slugfest between the ruling YSRCP and the opposition.

Geetanjali was a recent beneficiary of a house in Jagananna Colony. During her interviews to YouTube channels on March 4, 2024 she enthusiastically spoke about the help received from the Government which became content for trollers. Traumatised by the trolling, Geetanjali went to the Tenali Railway Station on March 7 and jumped in front of an incoming train. She succumbed to injuries four days later.

Soon after Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy announced an ex-gratia of Rs 20 lakh to the kin of Geetanjali, YSRCP leaders took turns to attack and question the opposition leading to the death of the woman. In fact, the party also started an online campaign titled #JusticeForGeethanjali.

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Addressing the media on Tuesday, Tourism Minister Roja said, "Is showing off her house patta happily her crime? The way she was insulted online by the TDP and Jana Sena leaders is shameful. I am praying to God that those trollers receive the harshest punishment."

Health Minister Vidadala Rajini said, "TDP trolls are not happy even after driving Geetanjali committed suicide. They are now shamelessly indulging in character assassination. How sick! We stand by Geetanjali's family and will ensure perpetrators get the strictest punishment."

YSRCP women's wing president and MLC Potula Sunitha targetted TDP president Chandrababu Naidu and JSP president Pawan Kalyan and said, "Geetanjali, a BC woman's life, was sacrificed due to mischievous actions of the TDP and the Jana Sena gangs on social media. Are you really a human or beast Chandrababu? Will you sacrifice a life for your selfish politics? Can't you bear see a family receive the benefits of four schemes? I am asking Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan directly. Are you spending crores on social media on behalf of the party to victimise innocent people?

TDP seeks clarity over death

The TDP meanwhile questioned why Geetanjali was asked to come to the Tadepalli YSRCP social media office daily and why the YSRCP was depositing money into her bank account. The party also questioned why the CCTV footage from Tenali Railway station was not released and who the two persons accompanying her at the railway station were.

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The TDP asked for the deceased's call records to be placed in public and said that the ruling party was taking political mileage out of Geetanjali's death.

Police track down trollers

Speaking about the investigation into Geetanjali's death so far, Guntur SP Tushar Dudi said, "Geetanjali was forced to commit suicide because she posted a video excitedly. The police will ensure that law comes down heavily in the perpetrators. We have identified few social media profiles which are handled by actual owners and few outright fake accounts and we will ensure we trace them out and take necessary actions. The language used by trolls cannot be put in front of the media. That is the situation."

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