Andhra Pradesh to become Plastic Free by 2027

Andhra Pradesh Government signed an MoU with ‘the Parley for the Oceans’ organization to clean the shores of the State

Andhra Pradesh to become Plastic Free by 2027

VISHAKAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh Government signed an MoU with the 'Parley for the Oceans' organization to clean the shores of the State and make Andhra Pradesh Plastic Free by 2027, on Friday. About 22,000 people participated in cleaning up 40 locations from Gokul beach to Bheemili beach and 76 tons of plastic were collected in a special drive to protect the environment and the oceans.

Speaking on the importance of sustainable development, CM said that, "environment and economy are two sides of the coin." Andhra Pradesh government is focusing on inclusivity and sustainability to protect and nurture the environment. Talking about the various schemes launched by the AP Government, the CM happily shared the positive impact of their various schemes launched for waste management. "AP CLAP Program launched on second October has developed 4097 garbage collecting vehicles for waste management," added the CM.

Emphasizing that it is the responsibility of all people to save the oceans, the Chief Minister said, "Andhra Pradesh is gifted with the second largest coastal line and protecting and maintaining it is our duty." He also said that the State government has been taking steps to protect the environment and thus brought an industrial policy that encourages companies to adopt green and clean production measures.

The partnership between the AP government and the parley of oceans aims to achieve sustainable living by implementing the following objectives.

• Develop and implement improved sanitation and waste management system

• Deploy AIR (avoid, intercept, redesign plastic) stations in urban and rural sectors

• Create 10 eco-innovation hubs

• Intercept plastic along the coastal lines

• Mobilize 20,000 ocean warriors and train them in maintain the ocean

As part of the agreement, the 'Parley of oceans' is also set to start 'Parley Future Institute' a coming age research center. "This will be a landmark, which will bring the world to Andhra Pradesh," said the Chief Minister. Parley Super Hub will also be set up in Andhra Pradesh to manufacture goods with recycled plastic, which supposedly attracts investment of Rs. 16,000 crores in the next six years and generate employment for over 20,000 people.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister also went around the stalls and inspected recycled goods like shoes, wallets and glasses.

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