NTR name row: Has Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad gone back on resignation?

The ruckus over the renaming of NTR health university has not only stirred the hornet’s nest politically but also resulted in upheavals personally for some


TIRUMALA: The ruckus over the renaming of NTR University of Health Sciences as YSR Health University has not only stirred the hornet's nest politically but it also resulted in upheavals personally for some. Dr Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad is one such, who is probably struggling to play the balancing act in the aftermath of the controversy.

The former Rajya Sabha member visited Tirumala along with his family on Sunday and had the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Speaking to the media after the darshan, Lakshmi Prasad said that he would not be dabbling with politics anymore and would devote his time entirely for the upliftment of Telugu language across the state. However, the latter part of the statement had fueled speculation that he might have softened his stand on the renaming controversy and might have even reconsidered his decision to resign from his official post.

In an impulsive reaction to the decision of the Andhra Pradesh government renaming the health university, Lakshmi Prasad has announced his resignation from his position as Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission two days ago. He then said that he was deeply hurt by the decision but, in the same breath, clarified that he nursed no grouse against Chief Minister YS Jagamohan Reddy for this.

After worshipping the presiding deity in Tirumala on Sunday, he revealed that he was going into a 'political mounavrath'. "While worshipping the Lord, I took a vow that, from now onwards, I would not talk politics or make any political statements. I will completely devote my time for the upliftment of Telugu language in the state. I will visit every district and town and work with all government authorities as part of this mission."

He also refused to reiterate his stand on the renaming of NTR University of Health Sciences. He said that, in the heat of the moment, he had spoken enough on the issue two days ago. This has raised the speculation that Lakshmi Prasad had perhaps reconciled to the YSRCP government's decision and was ready to 'let bygones be bygones'.

Lakshmi Prasad, on this occasion, gave a detailed account of how he was planning to meet key officials at several layers of administration and work for the upliftment of Telugu language with their cooperation. He however did not specify if he would be touring the state in his individual capacity or as the Chairman of the official language commission. But there are murmurs that it is only next to impossible to coordinate and carry out such a huge mission without being the chairman of the commission. And the immediate question that is popping up is, "Has Lakshmi Prasad retracted from his earlier stand and taken back his resignation?". Is that why he has taken the vow of 'political abstinence' to use it as a shield against media and public scrutiny in future?

Only the man himself can bring the curtains down on this suspense on his official status and what is really going on in his mind.

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