Cult Mama & Jaragandi puts Thaman in a fix!

Music director Thaman recently found himself at the center of criticism and negative reviews.

Cult Mama & Jaragandi puts Thaman in a fix!

Music director Thaman recently found himself at the center of criticism and negative reviews. Despite starting the year on a high note with Varisu and Veerasimha Reddy, he is criticized for producing mediocre compositions. However, he proved his mettle with the much-appreciated score for the film OG. Now, Thaman is back in a negative zone. Particularly, two songs from highly anticipated films have sparked disappointment among fans.

One of the recent tracks that failed to meet expectations was "Cult Mama" from the upcoming film Skanda. The song was released amidst tremendous anticipation but received mixed reactions and failed to impress the audience. Thaman, known for his ability to create musical magic with mass tracks, failed with Cult Mama. Before the release, the makers created hype for the song, but in the end, it failed to live up to the hype.

On the other hand, the unfortunate leak of the song "Jaragandi" from the film Game Changer added to Thaman's recent woes. This leak raised doubts about Thaman's current form. In its unfinished state, the song garnered negative reviews and created a buzz on social media platforms. Although the makers confirmed that it was a dummy version of the song, the trolls took birth because the dummy song itself was so bad that the fans could not take it.

Now, both these songs resulted in the negative perception surrounding Thaman's association with the upcoming film Guntur Kaaram. Right from the beginning, there were reservations among Mahesh's fans about Thaman working on this project. The latest events have only fueled the fire, and anticipation has turned into skepticism.

In the face of mounting criticism and trolls, Thaman now faces the challenge of proving his detractors wrong and regaining the trust of his fans. While his recent tracks may not have hit the mark, it's a huge responsibility upon him now to prove to everyone that he has caliber. At the same time, he has to keep up with the trust of Mahesh Babu's fans by coming up with a blockbuster audio album.

Thaman has a history of bouncing back stronger when faced with criticism. So, only time will tell whether he can once again create chartbusters that will make the audience groove to his tunes and put the criticism to rest.

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