2BHK dignity housing: KCR fulfills poorman’s dream with Asia’s largest complex in Kollur

The total cost of the project is Rs 9,714.59 crore, of which Rs 6,867.68 crore has already been sanctioned by the Housing department


HYDERABAD: The Telangana government has pledged to provide one lakh two-bedroom dignified housing units free of charge to all the homeless Below Poverty Line (BPL) urban poor families in greater Hyderabad as part of the State Government's flagship 2BHK housing scheme.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated these 2BHK houses at Kollur on June 22, the day that marks the end of the decennial celebrations of the state formation.

As many as 5,660 houses were inaugurated in 29 different areas throughout the city, while 62,516 housing units are under construction and ready for inauguration in 42 different locations, including Asia's largest 2BHK project in Kollur, Ramachandrapuram. In all, 68,176 dwelling units at 71 locations were completed and the remaining 31,800 are at various stages of construction at 40 locations.

The total cost of the project is Rs 9,714.59 crore, of which Rs 6,867.68 crore has already been sanctioned by the Housing department, with the remaining funds expected to be released in the coming months. The GHMC, the project's implementing agency, has asked the Telangana Housing Department, which funds the project, to release the Rs 2,846.91 crore as soon as possible.

Each house includes one hall, two bedrooms, a kitchen and two toilets (WC and bath) in an area of 560 square feet. The housing projects are being built in vacant lands and existing in-situ slums.

The cost of a two-bedroom house is Rs.8.65 lakhs per unit. The houses are built in three patterns of which features a cellar, stilt and nine-storey pattern apartments with lift and fire-fighting facilities including infrastructure.

The second pattern features stilt, five-storey type residences with lifts at a cost of Rs 8.5 lakhs each house including infrastructure. The third pattern includes G+3 floor pattern residences (without lift) with an infrastructure cost of Rs 7.75 Lakhs each unit.

The government is building one lakh 2BHK apartments in Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Medchal-Malkajgiri and Sangareddy districts, according to the GHMC. As many as 62,516 housing units are being developed and are ready for occupancy in 42 locations throughout the city, including Asia's largest 2BHK project in Kollur and Ramachandrapuram, 5,660 houses have already been inaugurated in 29 locations.

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