All time favourite Burmese cuisines to relish at 'Burma-Burma' at HITEC city in Hyderabad

Burma Burma, an exclusive Burmese restaurant, which launched its first outlet in Mumbai's Kala Ghoda area in 2014, inaugurated its tenth branch in Hyderabad on November 1, 2023

All time favourite Burmese cuisines to relish at Burma-Burma at HITEC city in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Soups and salads in Burmese cuisine are not just appetisers but dishes typically eaten throughout the day. Soups or Hincho at Burma Burma reflect the fascinating street food culture of Burma.

Samosa Soup

Samosa Soup (Samuza Hincho) is a Burma Burma signature offering a crispy samosa dunked in a tangy soup with spiced black chickpeas and spring vegetables. The Chickpea Soup from the Shan region of Burma is another favourite made with Tohu chunks, chickpeas, vegetables, and black sesame.

Tea Leaf Salad

Burma Burma brings you the Tea Leaf Salad made with Laphet (fermented and pickled tea leaves), along with fried garlic, nuts, sesame seeds, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Raw Mango Salad

The Raw Mango Salad is a spicy and tangy bowl of raw mango shreds tossed with roasted red chili, crushed peanuts, lettuce, and brown onion.

WA Potato

The small plates include WA Potato – a dish inspired by the cuisine of the “Wa” tribe, made by tossing potato in a wok with crushed peanuts, brown onion, lime leaf and roasted red chilli, and Tohu Mash with Paratha from the Shan region where chick-pea flour based Tohu is cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices and served with flaky parathas.

Other interesting dishes include Soba Noodles with Tea Leaf Pesto; earthy and unctuous soba noodles tossed with the signature tea leaf dressing - laphet and sunflower seed pesto, finished with smoked Bandel cheese.

King Oyster Mushroom

The umami flavoured King Oyster Mushroom, in the Trumpet Mushroom Steak, is grilled to perfection with a chilli kaffir lime dressing; served with crisp morning glory and puffed black rice. Edamame and Broad Bean Hummus, a smooth and airy broad bean and edamame puree topped with the spicy Burmese balachaung stuffed peppers, comes with local tea-shop style Burmese naan.

No meal at Burma Burma is complete without Khowsuey

The signature Oh No Khowsuey promises to be a crowd-favourite in Hyderabad too. This fragrant and creamy coconut milk curry infused with lemongrass and tamarind is topped with diced Asian vegetables and served with noodles of your choice including Hakka noodles, whole wheat, Udon, and rice noodles along with an array of toppings.

There is also the Dry Khowsuey comprising hand-tossed rice noodles with gram flour, roasted red chilli, garlic, and tamarind, served with corn crisps and Panthay Khowsuey or ‘China Town Noodles’ from the recipes of Panthay Chinese community in which street-style noodles are tossed with vegetables and complemented by the robust flavours of ground spices, tamarind, turmeric, and soy.

A Burmese meal must include rice, noodle bowls

Rice and Noodle bowls like Steamed Banana Leaf pockets (Kayunin Mao) are made with organic black and sticky rice, white pea served coconut cream, crushed brown onion, paprika and sesame. Inspired by the villages of southern Burma, Grilled Sticky Rice (Kowni Ghin) is sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaf, filled with toppings of one’s choice and served with kaffir lime sauce, is wholesome and flavourful. Another must try comfort bowl of homely goodness is the Mandalay Noodle Bowl, a hearty Udon Noodle bowl with coconut curry, charred bok choy and tofu, topped with crunchy shiitake.

A Burmese meal must include a rice plate and recommended is the Smoked Chilli Rice Bowl with aromatic jasmine rice is wok-tossed in smoked chilli sauce with seasonal greens and topped with crackers.

Something sweet at the end

The dessert offering at Burma Burma includes - reimagined traditional Burmese Desserts, International Desserts, and artisanal ice creams. All-time favourite Burmese Desserts include Street Style Burmese Falooda, a reimagined Burmese falooda, with chilled coconut milk, sweet bread, basil seeds, black grass jelly and sticky rice and Tagu Piyan, a coconut panna cotta with sago, cooked in palm jaggery. Also on offer is a selection of International desserts, curated by Bangalore-based Chef Vinesh Johny, that are influenced by traditional Burmese sweetmeats and global favourites and are entirely eggless.

Burmese Faluda

Marrying classic flavours with contemporary flair, the Saffron and Samuza Cheesecake is a baked saffron cheesecake, topped with pistachio creme, flaky honey Samuza and a scoop of mango sorbet. Rangoon Baked Milk, that perfect ‘not too sweet’ dessert is made with house-baked milk, vanilla whipped ganache, raspberry gel, fried brioche, and a generous sprinkle of almond nougatine.

Inspired by childhood flavours and classic ingredients with a touch of nostalgia, the artisanal ice creams are fresh, creamy, and delicious. Made in-house, in small batches, in popular flavours, the experimentation goes beyond the kitchen, to innovate with nostalgia.

The six unique flavours include Pineapple Energee, Dark Chocolate & Olive, Avocado & Honey, Caramelized Chocolate & Cheese Honeycomb & Sweetcorn and Durian Fruit. The ice cream selection is available for dine-in as well home delivery.

Tea, Mocktails & More

Take a detour from your everyday chai to explore the fascinating world of teas and tea culture at Burma Burma. The tea program is extensive, well-researched and unlike any other in the country. Tea, integral to Burmese life, is not just savoured as a drink but eaten too. The beverage program at Burma Burma stays true to its roots with a Burmese Tea Room offering an extensive selection of tea-blends from black to oolong to herbal variants, along with specials like Camomile & Mandarin Tea and Ayurveda Teatox, sourced straight from Burmese tea estates.

Burma Burma’s beverage program includes - Artisanal Teas, Noble Coolers, Lemonades, Bubble Teas, and an elaborate selection of tea that are hand-picked and brewed live at the table. Burma Burma’s beverage program though without alcohol is truly unique and integrates several new-age bar techniques such as zero proof drinks, smoking cocktails, and fat wash, reflected in drinks including Smoked Guava with guava juice, tabasco, pomegranate, activated charcoal and kaffir lime leaves and Zero Proof G&T with elderflower, tonic water, yuzu bitter and juniper berry.

Popular Artisanal Iced Teas include, Lemon & Lime, a cold brew lemon tea with citrusy notes of lime and Spiced Apricot, a tasteful amalgamation of smoked oolong kombucha, roasted red chilli and local Burmese pickled apricots. These mocktails, pair perfectly with the food offering from the diverse geographies of Burma.

Other drinks include the refreshing Lemon Splash, Berry Blush with pickled raspberries, Peru lemonade with Sichuan pepper, Scarlet made with hibiscus cold brew, grapefruit, ginger ale, and honey, while Paloma, with a sweet and spicy kick uses pineapple, grapefruit, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, lemongrass, kaffir lime and chilli. Bubble Tea, an Asian delicacy, has gained immense popularity in many South Asian countries, Burma included. Bubble Teas at Burma Burma are one of the most loved and offer a wide selection of flavours with sweet, chewy tapioca pearls and freshly brewed teas.

Launching in Hyderabad is a new Bubble tea menu comprising diverse flavours from classic milk teas to fruit-infused creations and delightful vegan options, each beverage on the menu has been thoughtfully crafted to offer a lovely balance of flavours and is a perfect complement to Burma Burma's culinary offering. New flavours include Taro Latte (Vegan Oat Milk), Jasmine Cheese Foam, and Mango Raspberry (Vegan) with a selection of additional toppings like blackgrass jelly, custard and nata de coco.

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