Anjani Kumar cautions against cyber crimes, loan apps looting people

Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar cautions against cyber crimes, loan apps looting people

Anjani Kumar cautions against cyber crimes, loan apps looting people

HYDERABAD: Several senior police officials who attended a one-day regional conference on Cyber Safety and the Prevention and Detection of Cyber Crime on Friday opined that various government departments and agencies should work together to combat increasing cyber-related crimes amid technological advancements.

Union Home Ministry Special Secretary Sundari Nanda said that a Joint Cyber Control Coordination Team with representatives from all states was formed to combat the country's escalating cybercrime. She said that digitization had developed significantly in services, service industries, and financial transactions, and that the police system should be prepared to combat rising financial cybercrimes.

She said the registration of cyber crimes increased by a startling 127 percent in the year 2022. Cyber volunteers and cyber commandos should be recruited specifically to combat these crimes. Many unlawful financial digital investment, loan, and digital lending apps were functioning from China, and these were recognised and prohibited. Sundari Nanda commended the '1930' helpline set up in Telangana to combat cybercrime.

DGP Anjani Kumar emphasized the priority given to cyber crime prevention in Telangana, which established a state-of-the-art cyber command and control unit and appointed police officers with special training. The state was also actively involved in registering and investigating cyber-related crimes. He said that some illegal loan applications had 5 to 10 lakh downloads and that people were being educated about these financial apps through various social media channels.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner Stephen Ravindra said that the toll-free number '1930' for cyber crimes had received 1 lakh 58,000 calls this year.

IG Rajesh Kumar discussed cyber crimes, financial crimes committed by opening false accounts in banks, and I4C's control measures during a conference on cyber-based crimes.

A wide range of discussions were held in this conference on the control of various cyber-based crimes.

Union Home Ministry Special Secretary Sundari Nanda, Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar, Goa DGP Jaspal Singh, Cyberabad Police Commissioner, Cyber Security Bureau Director Stephen Ravindra, I4C IGs, Rajesh Kumar, and Yashaswi Yadav were present at this high-level meeting held at the command control centre in Hyderabad. Senior cops from Karnataka, Rajasthan, Goa, Haryana, Hyderabad, Cyberabad, Rachakonda, Nalsar, and the ED also took part.

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