Burning issue: Miyapur police register case against garbage incineration

Experts warn that burning trash can have long-term health consequences

Burning issue: Miyapur police register case against garbage incineration

HYDERABAD: In an unusual case, the Miyapur police on Sunday registered a case for burning trash in Hyderabad's Matrusri Nagar. Based on a complaint from a Hyderabad activist, the Miyapur police filed an FIR and took action against garbage burning.

Vinay Vangala, a social activist from Hyderabad, filed a petition on February 4, 2023, stating that a watchman was seen burning trash in the open, making the air hazardous to health. Despite repeated counselling, he had been openly burning garbage for a long time.

The case was registered under section 278 of the Indian Penal Code even as Miyapur sub-inspector P. Yadagiri took over the investigation.

According to Vinay Vangala, "Waste burning is a burning issue. Waste burning which we see it on a regular basis, has become pretty prevalent. Numerous irresponsible residents, including some municipal employees, are burning garbage. They are unaware that they are endangering not only the environment but also their fellow residents. Waste burning endangers everyone".

He further said, "It emits harmful gases, causing respiratory problems in everyone and polluting the air and land. We are already breathing toxic air, which is making citizens' lives more difficult. The matter remains unresolved despite GHMC counselling, warnings, and levying penalties. As a result, I filed a police report and requested that the appropriate legal action be taken. Thank you to DCP Madhapur Shilpavalli, for acting in accordance with the law".

DCP Madhapur Shilpavalli Koganti said, "I would say everyone should have a civic sense and be responsible and sensitive towards the concerns of fellow citizens." And when they do not heed friendly requests, people like Vinay have to fight to restore the right to live in a good environment. When he brought this issue to our notice, we proceeded as per the legal provisions applicable".

Residents of Hyderabad asked Vinay Vangala to explain the process of filing a complaint while appreciating his initiative. Since many city residents suffer from open waste burning, they were interested in learning how to file these kinds of complaints with the competent authorities.

Dev Raju, a Twitter user, tweeted: "Thank you for your efforts, and please inform everyone that you can file a FIR for this burning waste. Please let everyone here know 'how to do this,' by which I mean further specifics and information that we need to give, or proof that we need to add/upload".

How to file a complaint against Waste Burning

To file a complaint in this regard, contact your local municipal officers, who would also counsel, warn, and penalise. If that doesn't work, Vinay Vangala advises filing a complaint with the local police station using the Hawkeye app as a reference.

Burning trash leads to long term health issuesBurning waste is a serious problem that must be addressed. Residents in the city are concerned about the burning of plastic bottles, carry bags, and other hazardous waste in the same pile as other garbage.

Experts warn that burning trash can have long-term health consequences. Nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and polycyclic organic matter are among the harmful substances emitted during combustion (POMs). Heavy metals and hazardous compounds, such as dioxin, are often released when plastic and treated wood are burnt.

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