Cyberabad police nab kidnap gang, rescue kidnapped techie for a ransom of Rs 2 cr

The main accused Gunjapogu Suresh's criminal record spans theft, robbery, and kidnappings across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh since 2011.

Cyberabad police nab kidnap gang, rescue kidnapped techie for a ransom of Rs 2 cr

HYDERABAD: In a significant breakthrough, Raidurgam police, under the Cyberabad police commissionerate, have successfully apprehended a notorious ransom kidnap gang. The gang, involved in 23 cases across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, employed a strategy of conspiring with the close associates of hostages to demand substantial amounts.

The case came to light when one Gurram Surender, cousin of one of the accused Gurram Nikitha, was kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 2 crore but later reduced the ransom amount to Rs 20 lakh. The Raidurgam police laid a dragnet and caught the accused and rescued the victim. The police gave details on Sunday of the gang and how they operated.

The main accused Gunjapogu Suresh, residing in Attapur, Hyderabad, stands as a notorious criminal involved in kidnapping and ransom cases since 2011, starting his criminal journey at the age of 16. His criminal record spans theft, robbery, and kidnappings across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Suresh, brother of Gunjapogu Sudhakar, teamed up with associates - Ramagalla Raju, Shinde Rohith, Chandu, and Venkat. Their collective drive was fueled by a longing for an opulent lifestyle. Suresh, a habitual offender, orchestrated a series of ransom kidnappings, targeting both known and unknown individuals.

The victim Gurram Surendar in the ongoing case was identified as the cousin of the third accused, Gurram Nikitha. The intricate web of connections extends to the workplace, Fabricon in Gachibowli, where the second accused, Ballipara Venkatakrishna, and Gurram Nikitha, forged a relationship that evolved into a romantic entanglement.

Ballipara Venkatakrishna was involved in cases under PITA, NDPS Act, and other offences within the jurisdictions of Cyberabad and Hyderabad Commissionerates. Venkatakrishna had been associated with the main accused, Gunjapogu Suresh, and his gang since their time in jail.

During this period, Suresh purportedly shared details about the gang's prowess in ransom kidnappings, boasting of numerous successful operations across both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Ballipara Venkata Krishna proposed to Gunjapogu Suresh, the idea of kidnapping his company MD, Shiva Shankara Babu, for ransom in October 2023. Gunjapogu Suresh and his gang conspired with Venkatakrishna to kidnap MD Shiva Shankara Babu, and extorted Rs. 2 lakhs from him and shared the money among themselves.

In December 2023, Gunjapogu Suresh requested work from Ballipara Venkatakrishna and his girlfriend, Gurram Nikitha, due to financial difficulties in maintaining a luxury lifestyle.

Nikitha suggested kidnapping her cousin Gurram Surendar who recently purchased a new home in Hyderabad as a ransom target due to his financial stability from their software jobs,.

Gunjapogu Suresh and Ballipata Venkatakrishna, in accordance with Nikitha's proposal, decided to kidnap of Gurram Surendar.

Suresh acquired all personal details and whereabouts of Surendar from Nikitha. Despite initially conducting reconnaissance at the victim's residence and workplace, their efforts proved unsuccessful.

Later, Gunjapogu Suresh and Ballipata Venkatakrishna asked Nikitha bring the victim to a nearby location. Nikitha called the victim, Surendar, to Khajaguda Lake Road on January 4, 2024, to discuss a personal matter. Unaware of Nikitha's criminal conspiracy, Surendar arrived at the location where all of the accused forcefully kidnapped him into a car and left the scene.

Following their plan, Nikitha went to the Raidurgam police station and filed a kidnapping complaint in order to appear innocent. During the execution, Suresh contacted the victim's wife, initially demanding Rs. 2 crores but subsequently reduced the ransom demand to Rs. 20 lakhs.

Based on credible information, Raidurgam Police apprehended the accused and brought them to the police station on January 6, 2024. The accused confessed to their guilt after a series of interrogations.

The victim was rescued from the hands of the kidnappers within 48 hours, thanks to the remarkable efforts of Raidurgam Police, and the offenders were captured.

The arrests were made under the supervision of Nandyala Narsimha Reddy, Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Madhapur, P. Srinivas, ACP, Madhapur. The Raidurgam police team successfully apprehended this notorious ransom-kidnap gang. The Commissioner of Police hailed the SHO, Raidurgam, and his team for their highly appreciable work and assured suitable rewards.

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