Do you know dog language? Check out why your pet heeds to you

They indeed get what a human communicates with them, growing up with them

Do you know dog language? Check out why your pet heeds to you

HYDERABAD: Denver, get up! Hey, Togar, no. Harley, bring the newspaper!

You must have said these or similar expressions hundreds of times, if you are a pet dog-owner. If not, you must have seen a myriad of owners uttering commands like these to their pet dogs. They would also say: “He won’t do anything. Please feel free,” even as you are shaken and shivering when a fierce pet dog tries to smell you or barks in a shrill tone or at times mounts on you.

Well, the dogs listen to their masters. They behave as if they understood what’s told to them. They indeed get what a human communicates with them, growing up with them. For the stage of a pup, if a pet dog is reared and given a name and called with that, they do respond and none of us are strangers to this scene. It’s common across the globe. Be it a docile Pomeranian, or a Pugh or be it a fierce German Shepherd or a Doberman, even a Saint Bernard or a Rottweiler… all of them listen to their master.

In this one case, dog doesn’t control the master, but it’s the other way round. The skewed adage of tail wagging the dog doesn’t apply here.

How do the pets understand the master’s language?

Is it in you as a pet owner that you can actually tell your dog what you want and don’t want.

This morning, Maya, a labrador pup, seized a watermelon popsicle from the year-and-half Mira who was shocked but remained kind, as she plays with three of the pups in a plastic tub every day.

Is Mira an effective communicator with her pet dogs? Maybe yes? How do you know that? No way?

But, Hyderabad-based genetic analysis company, MapMyGenome claims to have done the magic.

It’s founder Anu Acharya proudly announces that her company has made a breakthrough in understanding my genetic analysis whether a human knows dog language.

She asks: “Have you ever wished you could speak dog language and have your furry friend understand you?” And, she quickly says: “Well, hold on to your leashes because Mapmygenome has just made a groundbreaking discovery.”

After analyzing thousands of DNA samples from pet owners, “we have found the gene that gives us the ability to communicate with dogs.”

Yes, you read that right! MapMyGenome has uncovered the secret behind those magical moments of bonding between the owner and her four-legged companion.

“Our research team has identified a specific marker that makes us all communicate effectively with dogs. And the best part? We are not stopping there. We believe this breakthrough can pave the way for better communication with other animals as well,” says Anu.

But wait, there's more!

“We are excited to announce that we will be including this amazing trait in our Genomepatri test.” She says those signing up for Genomepatri will be subjected to a discovery if they have the gift of communicating with animals.

Who knows, you may have the potential to become the next Dr. Dolittle!

An excited Anu Acharya says: “Don't miss out on this opportunity to uncover the mysteries of your DNA and unlock your true potential as an animal whisperer.”

Genomepatri is now open to explore the world of animal communication.

(You do understand and communicate with your pets. It’s been the strength of man-pet association. This is an All Fools’ Day story. MapMyGenome has not discovered any DNA testing to identify one’s ability to understand dog language. But, trust me, you do understand dog language and so does your pet dog. Cheers!)

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