Dog bites, ChatGPT bytes: Read how the AI tool generated a dog bite story

We wondered real hard how ChatGPT would look at the issue of dogs attacking and killing a human being in Hyderabad

Dog bites, AI bytes

We wondered real hard how ChatGPT would look at the issue of dogs attacking and killing a human being in Hyderabad. The conflict - man versus animal - needed a slightly more neutral observer - in this case, the machine, to weigh in on the hotly contested debate, which has divided the entire populace of the city.

we added some context, (the human author / editor ) of the fear factor or possibilities of it, as we were not sure machines could feel, even if they understood, the idea of fear.

While pet-lovers understand dog bytes well, those who are scared of a dog bite are indeed scared. Period. From a simple scratch to causing hydrophobia leading to death, dog bites can be lethal to fatal.

Now street dogs are turning crazy. In just 48 hours, many incidents were reported in Hyderabad some parts of Telangana too, driving the State High Court to take cognisance of the killing of a toddler suo motu.

While the story of bark and bite remain eternal, a new worry throwing newer challenges is Microsoft-backed open AI (artificial intelligence) tool, ChatGPT. Does it help? Does it harm? Is it good or bad? While these questions are haunting many across the world, can it replace humans? In certain jobs yes. But it can also let some incompetent people to stray into certain glamorous positions and keep their pot boiling. For instance, those who cannot write for god’s sake a single sentence without a grammatical folly can fake himself to be a great author. For ChatGPT, powered by enormous data and information, words and vocabulary, and, of course, technology and machine learning, generates such beautiful content that one would be awe-struck.

Just embellish the same story with necessary quotes and add little context to it. Your almost spot on. Your job is almost done. For, ChatGPT can also create effective keywords that help the search engines optimise your story to pop up. The lone suspect who could queer the pitch for such a mostly-machine-generated story maybe Google. It’s said Google is creating filters to ferret out machine-generated content. How does it detect the key words or the writing style and how could it distinguish between man-generated and machine-generated content has yet to be seen.

Worried (or not) about your job as a writer, please read below the story outputted by ChatGPT on the dogs killing a human being.

Please see the question (criterion) given and the story generated by the machine, almost kn a jiffy - barely a minute.

The question given was:

“Write a story on helplessness of children, elderly and lonely people on roads, sometimes leading to death, due to attack by street dogs.”

The output was:

“Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there were several packs of street dogs. They roamed the streets and alleys in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, they were often met with hostility from the people around them.

One day, a group of children were playing outside when they were suddenly attacked by a pack of stray dogs. The children were helpless and couldn't defend themselves against the vicious dogs. They screamed and cried for help, but no one came to their rescue. By the time someone finally intervened, it was too late for one of the children who had been severely mauled and died.

The incident sent shockwaves throughout the city, and people began to take notice of the problem of stray dogs. However, despite the growing concern, there seemed to be no solution in sight. The dogs continued to roam the streets, and more people fell victim to their attacks.

Elderly people and lonely individuals who ventured out on the streets were also not spared from the violent attacks of the street dogs. They were often left to fend for themselves and suffered serious injuries that left them traumatized and in need of medical attention.

Despite the danger, some people still felt a sense of sympathy for the stray dogs. They saw them as innocent creatures that were simply trying to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. However, this sympathy did little to alleviate the suffering of those who had been victimized by the dogs.

The situation continued to worsen until the local authorities finally stepped in. They launched a massive campaign to control the population of stray dogs and create safer environments for people. The campaign involved capturing and neutering the dogs, as well as providing medical care for those that had been injured.

The initiative was successful, and the number of dog attacks began to decrease significantly. People were able to walk the streets without fear, and children could play outside without the constant threat of an attack. The city became a safer place for all, and the story of the helpless victims of street dogs gradually faded into memory.

In the end, the people realized that compassion for animals was important, but not at the expense of human lives. It was only through working together and taking concrete action that they were able to address the problem and ensure that no one else would have to suffer from the helplessness of being attacked by street dogs.”

Now, edit the content for context, add Amberpet or Rajendranagar, name of the victim, change it from girl to boy if needed, add timing, parents info and your story is done. It all depends on the input.

So, ChatGPT can cut costs to publications by reducing the need for resources. But it doesn’t totally eliminate the human intervention and surely not the ‘thinkforce’, for the AI tool can only act, but not think.

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