Gastroenterology experts warn of rising Liver diseases in South India

Liver-related deaths in India have surged to 268,580 per year, accounting for 3.17 percent of all deaths

Gastroenterology experts warn of rising Liver diseases in South India

HYDERABAD: Liver diseases are increasingly prevalent, posing a significant challenge and affecting millions globally. They span various causes, including viral hepatitis, fatty liver, fibrosis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Liver disease is spreading rapidly in India, resembling an epidemic, with one in every five adults being affected. Shockingly, liver-related deaths in India have surged to 268,580 per year, accounting for 3.17 percent of all deaths. This constitutes a significant portion, contributing to 18.3 percent of the global tally of 2 million liver-related deaths.

The Liver Chapter conference took place on Monday at Yashoda Hospital, Hi-tech City, serving as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. With over 500 physicians and surgeons in attendance, the program fostered dialogue and advancements in liver-related healthcare.

Dr. Pavan Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Group of Hospitals, highlighted the exemplary standards set by the Medical Gastroenterology and Liver services at Yashoda Hospital, Hi-tech City. ''Through a steadfast commitment to patient care, research, and education in gastroenterology and hepatology, the department integrates cutting-edge medical technology, multidisciplinary collaboration, and patient centered approaches. This dedication enables them to effectively address the complex needs of individuals with gastrointestinal and liver diseases, setting new benchmarks in the field, " said Dr. Pavan Gorukanti.

The conference addressed the pressing health challenges posed by liver diseases, including fatty liver, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver failure. Through detailed discussions, panelists and presenters explored various approaches to hepatitis management and cutting-edge techniques

therapeutics. These discussions aimed to tailor treatment strategies for individual patients, offering promising prospects for improved outcomes in liver disease management.

Given the phenomenal rise of fatty liver disease, the conference highlighted the strategies for prevention, early detection and management of complications. A detailed analysis of preventive and screening strategies for liver disease, including alcoholic hepatitis, was conducted, highlighting the importance of early detection. Advanced management strategies for alcoholic hepatitis were unveiled, alongside treatment approaches for alcohol dependence.

Following the GAPS 1.0 series focusing on the liver, future conferences will delve into common conditions related to the pancreas, upper gastrointestinal tract, and lower gastrointestinal tract. A team of distinguished doctors including Dr. Naveen Polavarapu, Dr. Santosh Enaganti, K.S. Somasekhar Rao, Dr. Gopi Srikanth, and Dr. Sharathchandra Gorantla, leading medical gastroenterologists, actively participated in the program.

The conference saw participation from over 500 practicing gastroenterologists, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in Hyderabad. It provided a comprehensive discussion on the complete spectrum of liver diseases, with live demonstrations by various liver experts utilising the latest technology.

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