Hyderabad Airport to be powered by 100 percent green energy

GHIAL has been at the forefront of adopting energy-efficient practices ever since it started operations

Hyderabad Airport to be powered by 100 percent green energy

HYDERABAD: GMR Hyderabad International Airport announced on Monday that it would convert to 100 percent sustainable green energy for its energy usage at the airport and across its ecosystem, marking a significant step towards sustainability.

Hyderabad Airport, in collaboration with Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited, TSSPDCL, plans to transform its operations by harnessing the power of green energy via a combination of its own 10 MWp (megawatt peak) solar power plant and green energy supplied by TSSPDCL.

The airport, by integrating green energy into its operation and infrastructure, would reduce its carbon footprint by approximately 9300 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Speaking on this milestone, Pradeep Panicker CEO of GHIAL said, "In line with our belief in sustainable practices and renewable energy, this momentous achievement is a significant step towards our commitment towards adopting environmentally friendly practices across the airport ecosystem. Hyderabad Airport is now powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. We have systematically worked on reducing our carbon footprint through the years by implementing various measures and will continue to do so.”

GHIAL has been at the forefront of adopting energy-efficient practices ever since it started operations. It was the first LEED certified airport in Asia. Moreover, the airport encompasses a vast landscape spanning over 675 acres. This expansive green belt serves as a natural carbon emissions sink, absorbing 240 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment annually.

The Hyderabad Airport implemented a comprehensive set of obligations in accordance with its Environmental & Sustainability Policy. These measures were carefully devised to contribute to the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) environmental goal of limiting or lowering the impact of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from aviation on the global climate.

Some of these commitments include

Incorporating green building designs

  • Adopting eco-friendly refrigerants in accordance with the latest technological advancements.
  • Implementing progressive generation and utilization of renewable energy sources to power airport operations.
  • Practicing energy management techniques to optimize energy usage and promote conservation.
  • Encouraging behavioural changes to foster energy-saving habits.
  • Procuring energy-efficient equipment.

GHIAL frequently demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. GHIAL received the CII's 'National Energy Leader Award' in 2019, 2020, and 2021. It additionally received the prestigious 'Excellency-Gold Awar' in the Telangana State Energy Conservation Awards in 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, in 2021, GHIAL got the BEE's 'Certificate of Merit' for attaining the highest NECA score of 89.26 percent.

The GHIAL's operations resulted in significant energy savings of around 15.5 million units (MU) over the years. GHIAL is a proud Carbon Neutral Airport, having received Airports Council International's Level 3+ "Neutrality" Accreditation as part of its Airport Carbon Accreditation programme.

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