Hyderabad-based UPI loyalty company 'Zithara' secures Rs 60 lakh deal on 'Nenu Super Woman' show

Sridevi, a tech-savvy mother, and returnee from the US, founded Zithara to revolutionise digital engagement

Hyderabad-based UPI loyalty company Zithara secures Rs 60 lakh deal on Nenu Super Woman show

HYDERABAD: In a momentous collaboration with WeHub, Telugu OTT platform, aha, started streaming 'Nenu Super Woman', an extraordinary business reality show dedicated to uplifting and empowering women entrepreneurs. The show premiered on July 21,2023, and would be aired every Friday and Saturday at 7 PM.

The inaugural week of 'Nenu Super Woman' witnessed an unprecedented investment of Rs 1.35 crores from six Angels- Deepa Dodla, Sudhakar Reddy, Dr Sindhura Narayana, Sridhar Gadhi, Rohit Chennamaneni, and Renuka Bodla - in the innovative startup companies of the following four exceptional women entrepreneurs.

Prathima Vishwanath-Founder of Ammamma's: Age is just a number. Prathima Vishwanath's inspiring story challenges age-related stereotypes, proving that entrepreneurship knows no limits. Her brand, Ammamma’s, started with a vision to provide nutritious food to her athlete daughter, Maanya. Currently, Ammamma’s supplies healthy food to 1000 stores in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, followed by 150 stores in Bengaluru. In the fiscal year 2022-2023, Ammamma’s earned a remarkable revenue of Rs 4.2 crore. During her pitch, Prathima sought an investment of Rs 3 crore or a 6% equity stake. Though angels Dr Sindhura, Renuka, Sudhakar, and Rohit hesitated due to their lack of experience in the FMCG field, Deepa Dodla, of Dodla Dairy, stepped forward to collaborate with her. Sudhakar Reddy and Deepa invested Rs 50 lakh or a 2% equity stake, exemplifying the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Pavani-Founder of Vapra: Paving the Way to a Cleaner India Pavani, a determined B.Tech pass-out, along with her friends, embarked on a mission to clean India without landfills. Within two years, Vapra successfully diverted 24 lakhs kgs of waste from dumping grounds and recycled it through innovative compost pits. Vapra's compost powder caters to both household and community compost pits. Her passion and innovative approach deeply impressed the 'angels'. While Renuka, Sridhar, Deepa, and Rohit chose not to invest, Sudhakar, known for his green initiatives, and Dr Sindhura Narayana believed in Pavani's vision. Furthermore, Dr Sindhura committed to installing Vapra compost pits across Narayana Group campuses. In the face of counteroffers, Dr Sindhura Narayana and Sudhakar Reddy finalised the deal, investing Rs 25 lakhs for a 20% Equity stake. Pavani's journey exemplifies that entrepreneurship knows no gender or age boundaries.

Dr Neelima - Founder of CocoTang: Dr Neelima, a dedicated dentist, ventured into brand CocoTang with a vision to extend unconditional love and care to everyone through nutritious products. Her determination to make a difference through a healthy lifestyle led her to pursue an MSc in nutrition to strengthen her brand. Seeking an investment of Rs 50 lakh for a 5% equity stake, Dr Neelima received support from Deepa Dodla, who committed to place CocoTang products in her center. Sudhakar Reddy expressed his intention to use CocoTang products in AbhiBus, further boosting the brand's visibility and learn the consumer’s pulse. Dr Neelima's commitment and passion resonated with the ANGELS, showcasing the significance of nurturing the next generation.

Sridevi - Founder of Zithara: The weekend episodes concluded with a bang as the angels united in a groundbreaking mega deal to invest in Zithara, India's first UPI customer engagement platform. Sridevi, a tech-savvy mother, and returnee from the US, founded Zithara to revolutionise digital engagement. Her innovative approach captivated the angels, leading to a heated negotiation. After several counteroffers, the angels finally offered Rs 60 lakh for a 6% equity stake, acknowledging Sridevi's immense potential and vision for the future. The third and fourth episodes of Nenu Super Woman would be aired on July 28 and 29, 2023.

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