KCR announces Rs 25 crores for Hare Krishna Tower in Hyderabad

KCR said that a very devout and magnificent temple would soon be built in Hyderabad

KCR announces Rs 25 crores for Hare Krishna Tower in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, on Monday, announced a Rs 25 crore contribution to the Hare Krishna Tower in Narsingi, Hyderabad. In an oblique reference to ‘religious bigots’, KCR said that no religion preached hatred.

"We would also like to contribute to the construction of the temple," KCR said during the temple's ground breaking ceremony. "I hereby announce Rs 25 crores of contribution to the construction of the temple in Hyderabad, which will be released by the government shortly. The temple will be completed in four years."

KCR said that a very devout and magnificent temple would soon be built in Hyderabad. "The temples should be defined as community centre, because it is associated with many different faiths. No religion teaches you to do bad or to use violence, yet religious violence is an issue. The great writer Rahul Sankrityayan depicted the same thing in his work that some people who came in between had created religious hatred, but no religion tells you to do wrong," the Chief Minister added.

The Chief Minister hailed Hare Krishna movement's many initiatives, saying, "The movement is doing great programmes, including ‘Akshaya Partra’ and Annapurna centres. Not only underprivileged people, but also employees of IT companies, utilise Annapurna facilities and lauded the quality of food on a daily basis, which is not a simple task. Telangana Government and its people congratulate them for their outstanding contributions to society through such as noble initiatives."

KCR, who believes that temples, bhajans, kirtans, and music therapy are important sources of peace and the healing process, said that cities like Hyderabad that were progressing fast, the pace of human life increased and people became prone to diseases.

The Chief Minister pointed out: “Temples, bhajans, and kirtans, according to research, are the finest medications for overcoming these issues. Music therapy can also help with mental wellness.

"We always appreciate and support individuals and organisations that promote and strive for universal peace. And, we appreciate Hare Krishna movement's efforts to promote global peace.

"We built Yadadri temple in a very decent manner that is appreciated by all. We are also in the process of building Kondagattu Hanuman temple, and we are developing many other temples because we strongly believe that a peaceful society is crucial for the future of the nation and the future of the universe," said the Chief Minister.

"Peace can be obtained through prayers in temples, masjids, and churches. I hope that the temple is completed on time and that it continues to serve the community in both a devotional and social capacity," he said.

Hare Krishna Heritage Tower is an iconic Skyscraper 400ft temple in Hyderabad

  • Hare Krishna Movement is coming up with Hare Krishna Heritage Tower, an iconic Skyscraper 400ft temple at Narsingi Hyderabad in 6 acres plot on 100ft 120ft roads
  • The project cost is Rs. 200 Crores.
  • It will house the temples of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and Sri Venkateswara Swamy.
  • A large Radha Krishna temple hall will accommodate 1500 devotees at a time with magnificent architectural elements.
  • The stone-built Venkateswara Swamy temple will have a Prakara of 37,000 ft and is inspired by the designs of the world-renowned Tirumala Temple.
  • The campus will also highlight Telangana heritage in the form of Kakatiya Architectural elements.
  • The latest technology like Hologram, Laser projection, etc., to create engaging and immersive experiences that will narrate the legends of Lord Krishna in a captivating manner, especially for the younger generations.
  • An Annadhanam hall of 500 capacity per shift will serve Anna Prasadam to visiting devotees.
  • Other amenities also include Library, Kalyani, Auditorium, Kalyana Mandapa, IMAX Theatre, Open Air Theatre, Lecture halls, Queue complex, Guest house (100 rooms), shram, etc.
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