KCR lays foundation stone for NIMS Dashabdi Block, calls Telangana healthcare ‘robust’

The Dashabdi Block, a new 2,000-bed building at NIMS, is currently under construction

KCR lays foundation stone for NIMS Dashabdi Block, calls Telangana healthcare ‘robust’

HYDERABAD: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) laid the foundation stone for the 2,000-bed 'Dashabdi Block' extension of NIMS hospital on Wednesday as part of the Telangana State Formation Decennial Celebrations.

While addressing the gathering after laying the foundation stone, the Chief Minister said, "During 2014, the department budget was Rs 2,100 crore but now, it is Rs 12,367 crore. The health department was the most important. The administration is working to increase the number of beds available to 50,000."

The Chief Minister recalled a conversation with the Central Government officials who came to propose remedies during the locust attack in some parts of the country a few years back. "When I inquired why there wasn't a scientific procedure to kill the locust, the experts said there wasn't one. They claimed that locusts existed from many lakh years before humans. They said that they would invade huge swathes only when they were disturbed from their habitats. They also predicted about conditions that could be more hazardous than Coronavirus in future. However, they assured me that the human loss would be far too less wherever there is robust healthcare system in place. Their insights also inspired me to strengthen the medical and health department in Telangana to a stage where it is now," KCR remarked.

KCR also explained the backstory of the Telangana government's Nutrition kits, saying, "The main reason for stunted growth is malnutrition, so the government decided to take precautionary measures. I told the doctors that they should always plan ahead of time on what steps they need to take in the following days. What needs to be done is how the department should respond and thus nutrition kits came into action in order to aid both the mother and the infant. The kits have also enhanced deliveries in government hospitals."

The Chief Minister said, "Even during COVID-19 pandemic, when patients were charged lakhs of rupees in private hospitals Gandhi Hospital, under superintendent Raja Rao, offered exceptional service, enhancing the hospital's prestige."

"The doctors in government hospitals were great because they provided treatment even when there were no beds available," said KCR

He urged the health department to plan for the future and to have an effective public relations strategy in place to publicise the wonderful job they do, stating that the ‘pursuit of excellence never ends’.

Telangana Minister for Health and Medical Education T Harish Rao, who was also present at the foundation stone ceremony, described it as a momentous day in Telangana's health sector. He said, "A historic moment in Telangana Health as NIMS is all set to become one of the largest hospitals in India with 4,000 beds."

The Dashabdi Block, a new 2,000-bed building at NIMS, is currently under construction. The new 32-acre block is being constructed at a cost of Rs 1,571 crores. Once operational, the extended NIMS block will provide medical services in 38 departments.

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