Netizens applaud CV Anand for his balanced approach towards viral pre-wedding video of two police officers

The pre-wedding video of Sub-inspector K. Bhavana and her husband, Sub-inspector Ravuri Kishore, went viral on social media


HYDERABAD: Rather than punishing the couple for using police machinery for their pre-wedding shoot, Hyderabad police commissioner CV Anand deftly handled the viral pre-wedding video of two Hyderabad cops by issuing them a gentle warning and congratulating the newlyweds.

CV Anand acknowledged the excitement of the couple, despite mixed public reactions to the viral pre-wedding shoot of two cops using police machinery.

He emphasised the challenging nature of policing, particularly for women, and the importance of finding a suitable spouse within the department, which, according to CV Anand, was an occasion to celebrate.

CV Anand also defended the use of police machinery by the two police officers, claiming that the department would have likely approved the shoot if they had been notified before the shoot.

"Some of us may be offended, but I want to meet them and bless them even though they did not invite me to their wedding. Of course, I advise others not to repeat this without proper permission," tweeted CV Anand.

The Hyderabad police commissioner was hailed by netizens for his response to a viral pre-wedding shoot video of two officers.

"Excellent, sir; very appropriate, balanced reaction, sir. That's why you stood as a stalwart in the police department," one of them tweeted.

"Rightly said, and I don't think there is any improper use of the official machinery here, but as you said, they should've just taken permission to shoot," another X user tweeted.

One of them said, "Good gesture; I hope no one else repeats the same and the department issues guidelines."

"Very nice of you, sir. This kind of generous gesture from the superiors will not only encourage them towards their profession but also caution them to adhere to protocols and procedures. We wish the newlywed couple a very happy married life and all the best on the professional front," another user tweeted.

"Very deftly handled, Mr. Anand. You have put the whole issue in a proper and clear context and communicated very well. It sure seems like abuse, but since it has already happened, there is no use digging deeper into it. Yet you have sternly warned against such acts in the future," one of them said.

One of the users said, "Kind gesture and humble support for them. good leadership qualities. Let them enjoy their lives without much further worry. Sure, they will meet you and take your blessings."

The pre-wedding video of Sub-inspector K. Bhavana and her husband, Sub-inspector Ravuri Kishore, went viral on social media, with a sequence showing the couple entering the police station grounds wearing police uniforms and in police vehicles.

The video was reportedly shot at Punjagutta police station, where the bride, SI K Bhavana, is currently stationed. The pre-wedding film, which was shot very cinematically with slow-motion images and dancing sequences, immediately captured viewers' attention and garnered mixed reactions from netizens. The couple tied knot on August 26, 2023.

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