PM Modi to inaugurate MMTS services between Sanath Nagar, Ghatkesar next week

The Chief Passenger Transportation Manager (CPTM) recommended that two additional nine-coach EMUs be built with the existing stock of EMUs

MMTS train

MMTS train

HYDERABAD: The inauguration of the new suburban MMTS services from Sanath Nagar (SNF) to Ghatkesar (GT) along the MMTS Phase-II route, featuring two rakes of nine-car electric multiple units (EMUs), is tentatively scheduled to be conducted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi within a week.

The Chief Passenger Transportation Manager (CPTM) recommended that two additional nine-coach EMUs be built with the existing stock of EMUs. It was also suggested that in case of shortage of stock, the existing 12-car EMUs could be converted into nine-car EMUs to form the two additional nine-car EMUs.

In this context, it was also recommended to provide two additional electric multiple units with good exterior and interior equipment from the existing stock of electric multiple units. For this purpose, the existing 12-car EMUs can be converted to nine cars to form two additional nine-car sets, ready in all respects to be deployed for the inauguration of the new MMTS services from Sanath Nagar (SNF) and Ghatkesar station.

As part of these preparations, meticulous attention was asked to be paid to exterior painting and interior refurbishments. The Passenger Care and Marketing Executives (PCME) were advised to seek assistance from the Local Goods Depot Station (LGDS) for exterior painting if necessary, emphasising the importance of aesthetics and cleanliness.

A key instruction was the integration of GPS coordinates into the Passenger Announcement and Passenger Information System (PAPIS) for all new stations along the SNF-GT routes. This integration enables automatic announcements and the display of the next station and header code when a train number is selected via the human-machine interface (HMI).

The Chief Passenger Transportation Manager also instructed to ensure compliance with all scheduled inspections and asked to ensure the proper working of all safety equipment and passenger amenities.

The CPTM also asked to ensure that necessary trials over the Sanath Nagar Railway Station (SNF) and Moula Ali (MLY) 'C' Cabin- Ghatkesar (GT) route were conducted for nine-car empty EMU rake operations, along with Traffic, Engineering, Traction Rolling Stock (TRSO), and S&T departments of SC division, and asked to ensure all the instructions were followed on an urgent basis.

The suburban sections of MMTS Phase-II of South Central Railway, Maula Ali C Cabin to Ghatkesar and Maula Ali C' Cabin to Sanath Nagar, are scheduled to be opened shortly. It was also recommended to form two EMU rakes of nine cars each from the available stock for the introduction and running of MMTS services between Sanath Nagar and Ghatkesar. In case of a shortage, stock from the existing 12-car conventional rakes was asked to be utilised for forming the rakes.

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