Rachakonda police invoke PD Act against 3 accused in Adibatla kidnapping, double murder

The entire incident had sparked controversy across Telangana

Rachakonda police invoke PD Act against 3 accused in Adibatla kidnapping, double murder

HYDERABAD: Rachakonda police arrested two persons under the Preventive Detention Act on Saturday for sensational double murder in Uppal police station limits and kidnapping in Adibatla police station limits and lodged them in Central Prison, Cherlapally.

According to the police, the accused in the double murder case, Likki Vinay Reddy, of Mamidipally Village in Balapur Mandal, encountered the deceased Narsimha Swamy, who was well-known in the Uppal area for doing Poojas to help people who were struggling.

He became his disciple and prey, paying large sums for numerous government employment recruitments and selections, but was not selected. He then introduced his friend, the second accused Balakrishna, who similarly paid huge sums of money for performing poojas in desperate need of children, but in vain.

They got into a brawl when Vinay Reddy insisted on Narsimha Swamy repaying the money. He believed Narsimha Reddy was to blame for casting black magic on him when he was experiencing severe financial difficulties. He and his friend decided to kill Narsimha Swamy. On October 14, 2022, he and a friend attacked him in broad daylight within the Uppal police station limits. They killed him with hunting sickles and knives.

The perpetrators also killed Narsimha Swamy's son, who came to help his father. This crime caused a sensation in the community, and the accused left the residents in fear.

Accused in Adibatla kidnap case arrested too

Another accused, Kodudula Naveen Reddy, a tea shop owner who was involved in the Adibatla sensational kidnapping case, was apprehended and detained in Cherlapally on Saturday.

According to Rachakonda police, Naveen Reddy tricked a BDS student into a love trap, threatened her with forcible marriage and, upon her refusal, morphed her images, created a fake social media account, and shared her morphed photos.

When the victim Vaishali came forward to complain about his atrocities and decided to marry someone else, he stormed into her home with 20 individuals in five vehicles. He assaulted her family, destroyed the furnishings in broad daylight, and broke into a nearby function hall. He then threatened them with dreadful consequences.

Five cases were filed against him in Adibatla police station under various sections of the law. Vaishali was found by Rachakonda police on the same day. The entire incident had sparked controversy across Telangana. The accused and his associates were apprehended and remanded to judicial jail on December 13, 2022.

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