Raja Singh violates court order, calls for violence against Muslims in Mumbai hate speech

The Hyderabad police have served the MLA with a show-cause notice twice in the last two weeks

Raja Singh: Will not join secular parties, will work for establishing Hindu State

HYDERABAD: T Raja Singh, a Telangana BJP MLA, gave an open call for violence and the slaughter of Muslims at a Hindu Jan Akrosh Morcha event organised by Sakal Hindu Samaj in Mumbai on Tuesday. This is in clear contravention of the ruling of the Telangana High Court.

Raja Singh, along with other Hindutva leader Sakshi Gaikwad, delivered a proactive speech to an audience of over 10,000 people on January 29, 2023. Hindutva leader Sakshi Gaikwad in her speech, even said that “Muslims are like sacrificial lambs, waiting to be sacrificed".

The BJP MLA said, "I urge every Hindu brother since the approaching days are for a struggle The time has come for war. Every Hindu should unite and become like Chatrapathi Shivaji," in his controversial remark.

The Sakal Hindu Samaj includes far-right organisations including the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Sanatan Sangha, Vanvasi Kalyan, Rajput Youth Front, Karni Sena, and All India Maheshwar Samaj.

Hyderabad police have issued a fresh show-cause notice to Raja Singh for his proactive remarks at the Hindu Janakrosh Morcha event in Mumbai.

Mangalhat SHO N Ravi said that they issued another show-cause notice to MLA Raja Singh for his proactive speech at the Hindu Janakrosh Morcha rally in Mumbai on January 29,2023.

The Telangana High Court's conditions of his recent release from jail were violated, according to the notice from the Mangalhat station house officer dated January 30.

Despite the fact that his High Court release order clearly states that he should not make any provocative remarks following his release, Raja Singh made another proactive speech. The Hyderabad police have served the MLA with a show-cause notice twice in the last two weeks.

The fresh show-cause notice by the Mangalhat Station House Officer(SHO) N Ravi reads, "Your video of speech during the Janakrosh Morcha rally at Dadar, Mumbai, on January 29 was circulating in social media as well as uploaded on a YouTube channel ABP Majha. Your speech is very provocative to a particular community regarding demands for laws on love jihad, cow slaughter, conversion, and further words commented like this."

Raja Singh was imprisoned for more than two months after the Telangana Police invoked the Preventive Detention Act against him in connection with a viral video aired by Singh in August 2022, which sparked communal tensions in the city. According to the police, he was involved in 104 criminal cases since 2004, including 18 community charges.

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