Ramzan 2023: Do you know the best haleem restaurants in Hyderabad? 

Hyderabadi Haleem is an aromatic meat-based stew-like dish cooked with lentils, wheat, and spices

Ramzan 2023: Do you know the best haleem restaurants in Hyderabad? 

HYDERABAD: Ramzan has arrived, as has everyone's favourite dish, haleem, which is only available during Ramzan. Haleem lovers from all over the city are drooling over the wide variety of haleems offered in Hyderabad's iconic eateries.

Many people would be surprised to discover that the word "Haleem" is derived from the well-known Arabian dish harisah, also known as harees or hareesa, which was brought into South Asia by Arab traders and conquerors and tweaked by the natives for their own personal tastes.

Haleem, a Hyderabadi delicacy available only during Ramzan season, tastes so delicious that many foodies eagerly await Ramzan season to try it, and some even travel to Hyderabad during Ramzan season just to savour it.

Hyderabadi Haleem is an aromatic meat-based stew-like dish cooked with lentils, wheat, and spices. The wheat and lentils are soaked overnight before being boiled for at least 7-8 hours. The meat is then mixed with spices to make a wonderful stew known as Korma.

During Ramadan, Haleem outlets are set up across the city so that Muslims can break their fast in the evening. The dish was the first Indian meat product to receive the Geographical Indication (GI) mark in 2010.

Many young people have been seen queuing outside popular cafés in Hyderabad since the start of the haleem season to experience the first haleem of the season. Young people from all around the city flock to haleem eateries to taste the delectable mutton and chicken haleem during Ramzan season.

Eateries are also attempting to attract haleem lovers by tweaking haleem recipes and adding toppings such as eggs, dry fruits, chicken-65, fried onions, malai and so on.

Take a look at these restaurants that are serving the best haleem this season

Bahubali Haleem : Despite the fact that there are plenty of typical haleem options available in the market, Aamir Ahmed, a popular food blogger from Hyderabad, adds that this year Baahubali haleem has gained popularity among haleem fans. He adds that his favourite Baahubali haleem is filled with meat and topped with patthar ka gosh, chicken tikka, boiled eggs, almonds, cream, and nalli.

Source/Aamir Ahmed

The most talked-about haleem this season is Bahubali haleem, which is available at Grill-9 restaurants in Secunderabad and Karkhana. The haleem is well-known for its toppings, which include phattar ka gosht, chicken tikka, nalli, onions, boiled eggs, cream, and almonds. You can also get traditional haleem, shawarma, biryani, and kebabs at Grill-9.

Source/Aamir Ahmed

Cafe 555 : Another famous mutton haleem that is trending this season is Cafe 555, which has started a special Mutton Haleem 15 days before Ramzan that is prepared with ghee, dry fruits, and mutton and is a must try, says Aamir Ahmed. Cafe 555 serves haleem from 4 p.m. until late at night, with an array of options starting at Rs 250 and the special mutton haleem for Rs 500. Youngsters can be seen queuing outside Cafe 555 to try the special haleem, served with a variety of toppings.


Sarvi : Sarvi Restaurant, a well-known Irani café and restaurant famed for its best mutton biryani, is also well-known throughout Ramadan for its Irani haleem and Mutton Haleem. Sarvi is a popular Hyderabadi restaurant that serves authentic Hyderabadi and Irani Mutton Haleem. Pathar Ka Gosht, authentic Hyderabadi food, Murgh Malai, Mutton Haleem, Phirni, and a variety of other Hyderabadi delights are featured on the menu. Sarvi, a traditional Banjara Hills eatery, serves some of the best haleem.

Shaghouse : Shaghouse, one of the most popular restaurants in Hyderabad, with branches in the Old City, Tolichowki, and many other areas, is best known for its Mutton Haleem. During Ramzan season, queues of foodies would form outside Shaghouse restaurants to grab their haleem. Shaghouse's mutton haleem is well-cooked and extremely soft, with layers of bones and spices that introduce you to fresh flavours with every bite. Dollops of ghee are sprinkled over the dish, which is served hot with crispy fried onions, a boiled egg, and cashew nuts.

Pista House : Pista House, which has several branches in Hyderabad, is recognised for its authentic and delectable haleem. Pista House, a Guinness World Record holder, has achieved cult status for its Haleem, which is made with 100 percent pure meat and 100 percent pure ghee and is complemented by the right combination of spices, meat, wheat, clarified butter, and dry fruits.

Hotel Niagara : I'm sure you've tried Malai Bun, but I'm sure you haven't experienced Malai Haleem. Nevertheless, if you want to try something new and unique, Aamir Ahmed recommends the new Malai Haleem at Hotel Niagara in Chaderghat. The haleem topped with ghee, dry fruits, zaman, and ultimately malai will make your haleem experience delightful.

Source/Aamir Ahmed

Cafe Bahar : Cafe Bahar, according to many haleem fans, is the best spot to eat haleem in Hyderabad during Ramzan. Though there are different places in Hyderabad that offer the best haleem, foodies prefer Cafe Bahar for its well-known haleem and biryani.

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