Ramzan 2023: Where to find the best Sehri Menu in Hyderabad

People eat 'Sehri,' which is eaten before daybreak, and they break the fast with iftaar, which is eaten after sunset

Ramzan 2023: Where to find the best Sehri Menu in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Ramzan 2023 will begin on March 24 in India since the moon was not sighted on March 23, 2023. Muslims throughout the country are excitedly awaiting the moon as they get ready for the Ramzan celebration in 2023.

For 30 days, people observe Roza from sunrise to dark, without even drinking water.

People eat 'Sehri,' which is eaten before daybreak, and they break the fast with iftaar, which is eaten after sunset.

During the month of Ramadan, elaborate preparations are put together for Iftaar and Sehri meals. People often invite their friends and loved ones to Iftaar, which is a huge celebration.

Since the public these days have shown a lot of interest in having sehri outside, Hyderabad eateries and hotels are planning elaborate menus for sehri for this Ramzan.

Let's have a look at the restaurants in Hyderabad which are offering Sehri menu this Ramzan season

Mandi House : This Ramzan, makes your Sehri unforgettable at Mandi House by ordering a Sehri Platter for Rs 249, which serves at least 3-4 people. The Sehri meal is offered at their Banjara Hills and Saidabad branches beginning at 1:30 a.m. Additionally, they also have branches in Shamshad and Chandrayangutta. You can also place an order for your Sehri meal using Swiggy or Zomato.

Source/Mandihouse Instagram

Naayab : They have come up with a special sehri menu for this Ramzan season, which will be offered from 1am to 5am for the following 30 days. The new menu offers dishes such as 'achari' mutton/chicken, Nayaab special chicken, 'khichdi,' and 'dum ka keema, and many more.

Source/Naayab Instagram

Peshawar : They offer a special dish Mutton Tahari which is a must-try here, and it goes wonderfully with the saalan that is offered alongside it. Even Khichdi and Keema are worth a try. Sehri is offered at both of their city branches.

Source/Peshawar Instagram

Azebo : The Assorted Mandi at Azebo, priced at Rs 1,700, is fairly reasonably priced considering the amount of meat served. They also have a regular menu for sehri.

Source/Azebo Instagram

Shaghouse : Shaghouse, one of Hyderabad's most recognized restaurants for delivering the tastiest haleem during Ramzan, also serves a sehri menu throughout this season. They are well-known for their khichadi and khatta, which are exceptional Ramzan specialties.

Source/Shaghouse Zomato

Biryani Wala & Co : They serve a range of Sehri cuisine dishes, including Ghee rice, Chicken 65, Khatti Daal, Keema, and Naan.

Meraj's Palm Arabiana :They are offering unlimited buffet meals for Rs 786 for sehri. The Palm Arabiana, which has the best sehri buffet in town, also has the best mutton shorba.

Dine hill : Chicken 65, Apollo fish, Khatti daal, Talava gosht, and Zeera rice are all must-order dishes here.

Source/Dine Hill Instagram

Fanooz Restaurant : Patthar ka gosht, Chicken Kebab, and keema are popular dishes available here during Ramzan season.

Source/Fanooz Zomato

Enjoy your Ramzan Sehri feast with your friends and families!

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