Revanth Reddy swears by goddess against Etela's allegations, says he won't bow down to anyone

Revanth Reddy said that he was fighting with the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in general and KCR in particular against this dictatorial attitude


HYDERABAD: Telangana PCC president A Revanth Reddy on Saturday said that he was not a leader who would stoop down or bow down before anyone for filthy politics and warned BJP MLA Eatela Rajender of severe consequences if the latter resorted to mud-slinging on him without any concrete evidence.

Revanth Reddy made the above comments after swearing by the goddess at Charminar Bhagyalakshmi temple to prove his innocence on Rajender’s allegations that the Congress party had accepted Rs. 25 crore during the Munugode by-election from the BRS.

After arriving at the Bhagyalakshmi temple at Charminar from Jubilee Hills on Saturday evening, the TPCC president performed prayers before taking the pledge before the deity saying that he had not accepted any financial assistance from the ruling BRS party and slammed Rajender on this occasion for not turning up to his challenge.

Speaking on the occasion, the Malkajgiri MP fumed at Eatela Rajender stating that he was not a leader who would stoop too low or bows down his head before anyone. He said that he had taken the oath in front of the Bhagyalakshmi temple deity and said that he had not resorted to any corruption in the Munugode by-election and found fault with the former minister for making baseless allegations.

Revanth Reddy said that he was fighting with the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in general and KCR in particular against the dictatorial attitude of the latter for the last nine years by facing imprisonment on several occasions. He said that he had seen everything in his life and pointed out that his only goal was to pull down the KCR government. Reddy further claimed that he would fight against BRS’ atrocities till his last breath.

The TPCC president, who turned emotional on the occasion recalling the hardships faced in the last nine years in the BRS rule, warned BJP MLA Eatela Rajender saying that he would not be spared if such baseless allegations were levelled against him. He said that Eatela Rajender was working hand in glove with KCR.

Reacting to Etela Rajender's Rs. 25 crore accusations, Revanth Reddy briefed on the way the Munugode by-election was held. He alleged that the BJP and the BRS spent a huge sum of money in the elections by distributing liquor worth Rs. 300 crores in 20 days and clarified that Congress party candidate Palvai Sravanthi had garnered thousands of votes without spending a rupee.

He lauded the efforts of Sravanthi and the cadre who were not involved in duping people. Revanth Reddy said that the Congress party stood by the people without bowing its head to the mighty BRS and BJP.

Eatela stands by his charges

Earlier, Eatela Rajender who said that there was no question of going to Bhagyalakshmi temple, had made clear that what he had spoken on Friday was true to his knowledge. He said he had a character and confidence and knew what he was speaking. The former minister said he would address a press meet after a while to speak on developments in the last two days. It remains to be seen how Huzurabad MLA would react to Revanth Reddy's comments.

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