Telangana Government formulates steps to handle stray dog menace

A high-level meeting was conducted to discuss measures to effectively control the stray dog menace and dog bites

street dogs

HYDERABAD: Residents in Hyderabad can now report violent or unsterilized dogs using the My GHMC app or the Citizen Buddy app, enabling the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to take appropriate action to ensure community safety.

The municipal authorities took various measures to effectively control the Stray Dog Menace and dog bites during the high level meeting held on February 22,2023, and issued specific instructions for rigorous implementation of the initiatives.

In light of the unfortunate incident in Amberpet, Hyderabad on February 21,2022 involving the life-threatening nuisance created by street dogs, and based on the review meeting, all municipal Commissioners were directed to implement the following measures and take other necessary steps in accordance with the law to control the street dog population and prevent street dog bites.

  • The tendency of certain trades, such as meat stores, function halls, and hostels, to throw out non-vegetarian food, particularly raw food, must be discouraged and restricted. The authorities are directed to take strict action against such hotels, restaurants, function halls, non-vegetarian shops, hospitals, hostels, and other establishments that dispose of their garbage on the streets/public places, and to ensure that proper garbage disposal practises are implemented within these establishments to prevent street dog gathering.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to improve the present capacity of implementing ABC, such as rationalisation by centre, expanding the number of dog catching teams and cars, and achieving 100 percent sterilisation of street dogs.
  • Quick assessment and identification of high density stray dog areas and areas where the highest number of dog bite incidents are reported by involving Resident Welfare Associations, Slum Level Federations, and Town Level Federations in order to take immediate necessary action in preventing further dog bites in those areas.
  • Create wide publicity of helpline number (040-21111111) and mobile applications
  • Utilize the services of Self-Help Groups, Sanitation staff, and MEPMA staff to raise awareness about street dog behaviour and educate the community on how to deal with street dogs by distributing pamphlets in both government and private schools outlining the "Dos" and "Don'ts" of how to behave with and around street dogs.
  • A programme should be implemented in all schools to educate pupils on proper behaviour protocols when interacting with stray dogs. This should be completed at all schools during the next month. The GHMC would create the brochure, and the awareness campaign would be carried out in collaboration with the school education department.
  • GHMC must devise a strategy to contact every WA and resident association, Slum level federation (SLF), and Town level federation (TLF) and raise awareness about street dog feeding and reporting of rogue street dogs. This should be completed within the next month.
  • All sanitation personnel, including outsourcing personnel, should be trained to deal with street canines and follow the required process when it comes to training local citizens, WAs, and resident associations.
  • Aggressive efforts will be made to capture and sterilise all street dogs in Musi River, MoD regions, and forest areas in order to control their population and reduce the risk of dog bites.
  • Spread the word about responsible pet ownership and encourage the adoption of street dogs.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to obtain real-time dog bite reports containing victim details, location of incident, and so on from the PM, Narayanaguda, and the Fever Hospital, Nallakunta in order to take immediate necessary action on top priority and to conduct a special drive to catch and sterilise street dogs in order to prevent further bites.
  • Install billboards or hoardings at suitable locations that highlight the appropriate behaviour towards and around street dogs, including the "dos" and "don'ts." Also, emphasise the significance of implementing the animal birth control/anti-rabies program.
  • Arrange an adequate number of water bowls in suitable locations, preferably away from areas of public movement, to alleviate the aggression of street dogs during the summer season.
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