Toll charges on National Highways, Hyderabad ORR to go up from April 1

Commuting on the highways and expressways is going to be a far more expensive affair from April 1, 2023 with the NHAI announcing a hike in toll tax across the country


HYDERABAD: Commuting on the highways and expressways is going to be a far more expensive affair from April 1, 2023 with the National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI) announcing a hike in toll tax across the country.

A similar fate is in the offing for the users of the 158-km-long Hyderabad Outer Ring Road main carriageway, thanks to a four to five percent hike per every kilometre in toll tax, as proposed by the Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL).

According to the NHAI, the toll fees are going to see an increase up to seven percent across the country, rendering road travel a bit too costlier than it was before. This is the second significant hike in toll tax by the NHAI since 2022. In that year, the entire range of the toll fees was between 10 and 15 percent.

Though not apparently linked to the Centre’s latest move, the HGCL, a wing of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), too hiked the toll fee on vehicles using the ORR.

It proposed a hike in toll fees estimated to be anywhere between four and five percent

on the existing toll rates. The hike has been announced for all categories with a variation in percentage which will come into effect from April 1, 2023.

The HGCL in accordance with a clause in the collection agreement with the private collection agency which envisages toll fee enhancement every year.

It came up with toll rate charts for the year to avoid any ambiguity in the revision of rates. It announced rounding off the calculated rates for a certain stretch to the nearest Rs 10. It followed the orders issued by the State Government as per the Wholesale Price Index (WPI).

As per the revised chart released by the HGCL, the category of cars, jeeps, vans, LMVs and MPVs will see an estimated increase of 24 paise per km from the old rate. While the old rate for this category was Rs 2.01/km, it is likely to go up to Rs 2.24, post revision of the toll fees. Similarly, LCVs and mini buses will have to pay 41 paise more from its old rate of Rs 3.24 per km. The revised toll rate will be Rs 3.65/km.

Buses and 2-axle trucks will now be paying Rs 6.46 per km as against the old rate of Rs 5.75 which corresponds to a 71 paise-hike. The 3-axle commercial vehicles will cough up an additional 91 paise per every km travelled to pay Rs 8.34/ km from its previous charge of Rs 7.41/km. The hike is a whopping Rs 1.34 per every km for heavy construction vehicles, earthmovers, 4,5 and 6-axle trucks. They will have to shell out Rs 11.99/km from the existing Rs 10.65/km. The increase is far too steeper for oversized vehicles (7 or more axles) at Rs 1.6 per km. They will now have to pay Rs 14.58/km as against Rs 12.98.

The Hyderabad ORR main carriageway has its toll gates for fee collection at interchange points at Pedda Amberpet, Medchal, Kokapet, Edulanagulapally, Patancheru, Shamirpet, Ghatkesar, Keesara, TSPA, Rajendranagar, Shamshabad, Nanakramguda, Pedda Golconda, Ravirayal, Tukkuguda, Taramatipeta, Sultanpur, Saragudem and Bonguluru.

The NHAI reportedly said that the decision was influenced by the increase in the number of vehicles plying on expressways and national highways in the recent past. Based on what routes witness major traffic, the exact hike in toll fee will be determined in the 3.4-7 percent window.

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