VLCC ordered to compensate Rs. 30,000 for botched skin treatment to Hyderabad woman

The complainant, K Priyanka Sharma (31), a resident of Jeedimetla, had availed a package for weight loss, skin treatment, and cool sculpting

VLCC asked to pay compensation for giving Botox instead of stem-cell therapy

HYDERABAD: The District Consumer Redressal Commission of Hyderabad has directed VLCC Health Care to compensate Rs. 30,000 for causing discomfort to a woman after a skin treatment.

The complainant, K Priyanka Sharma (31), a resident of Jeedimetla, had availed a package for weight loss, skin treatment, and cool sculpting, and paid a total amount of Rs. 5,00,000 to VLCC Healthcare Ltd.

In her complaint, Priyanka alleged that VLCC Health Care lacked a qualified doctor for chemical peeling, resulting in an underqualified employee performing the procedure, which led to the adverse effects on her neck.

She further claimed that the negligence and improper treatment from VLCC Health Care resulted in her skin being affected. She alleges that VLCC Health Care caused her inconvenience, leading to burning, itching, and redness on her neck after a skin treatment.

Despite receiving full payment, VLCC Health Care failed to provide proper and facilitated service to Priyanka Sharma, causing tremendous inconvenience. Deprived of the promised treatment, she sought resolution from the commission.

VLCC Health Care's unprofessional conduct and failure to provide a resolution caused mental agony and stress to Priyanka Sharma. Consequently, she filed the complaint and prayed for relief.

The notice sent from the commission to VLCC Health Care was returned with the endorsement 'refused,' thus deemed served on the addressee, constituting proper service. VLCC Health Care was set ex-parte vide docket proceedings dated December 27, 2023.

During the inquiry, Priyanka Sharma submitted an evidence affidavit and marked documents from Ex.A1 to Ex.A8. Subsequently, she filed a memo to treat the evidence affidavit as written arguments, and the matter was reserved for orders.

Based on the available facts and material, and Priyanka Sharma's written arguments, the court discussed the documents regarding the complaints against VLCC Health Care Ltd. Evidence, including WhatsApp chats and legal notices, supported Priyanka's claims of payment and services availed.

Despite VLCC Health Care Ltd.'s absence, the documentary evidence remained unchallenged, leading the commission to rule in favor of Priyanka Sharma. However, discrepancies in the loan amount and lack of medical documentation weakened Priyanka's case regarding payment and medical conditions.

Nevertheless, considering the circumstances, the commission ordered VLCC Health Care to pay a lump sum compensation of Rs. 30,000 and costs of Rs. 10,000 within 45 days. Failure to comply will incur interest.

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