Woman undergoes double heart valve surgery in Hyderabad

SLG Hospital, a well-known healthcare facility in Hyderabad, took on this high-risk case and successfully completed the surgery

Woman undergoes double heart valve surgery in Hyderabad

Dr. G. Sudheer, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

HYDERABAD: A 42-year-old woman developed structural valve degeneration (SVD) in both of her heart valves after having cardiac surgery to replace two valves. SLG Hospital, a well-known healthcare facility in Hyderabad, took on this high-risk case and successfully completed the surgery.

Dr. G. Sudheer, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, explained the case specifics, "Manjula, 42 years old and from Warangal area, had a valve replacement surgery for both Mitral Valve and Aortic Valve about ten years ago. She was fitted with bioprosthetic valves at the time, and their lifespan is only 10 to 15 years. However, in this case, they were damaged within ten years, causing her to have shortness of breath, chest pain, swelling in her legs and face, and other health problems."

"The patient had been suffering from these problems for the last six months. As a result, she required the fix of both previously installed valves. It is common to replace the valves for the first time. However, redoing the same thing is too complicated. To replace a valve, the surgeon must sew 12-15 stitches around each valve. So, in this case, the heart has more than 30 sutures. All of them must be removed, and new mechanic valves must be installed in lieu of the old bioprosthetic valves. We'll have to sew more than 30 sutures in the same area again. If a minute particle is left behind after suture removal, it may enter the brain via the bloodstream and cause paralysis, " the doctor added.

"The particle may also go to any other organ through blood. In certain instances, the patient may die on the table. Since this is a high-risk and complex case, other hospitals in Hyderabad declined to take it forward. As a result, we approached SLG Hospital and we conducted extensive tests as well as an extensive treatment that lasted more than 10 hours. Both of her valves have been replaced with mechanical ones. The surgery was performed by CT surgeon Dr. Sudheer, cardiac anaesthetist Dr. Manasa, cardiologist Dr. Bhanu, and intensivist Dr. Srinivas, " Dr G. Sudheer added.

Difference between bioprosthetic and mechanical valves

Dr Sudheer adds, "The bioprosthetic valve has a limited lifespan of 15 to 25 years. This type of valve is normally advised for patients over the age of 60. Anticoagulant drugs are not required for patients who have these valves. These are not the same as mechanical valves. Patients with these valves must take anticoagulant medicine. They would not require replacement during their lifetime. Mechanical valves, on the other hand, are not advised for women who intend to become pregnant in the future."

"If they use anticoagulant medications, the baby may experience complications. Mechanical valves are likewise not recommended for patients suffering from cerebral haemorrhage. However, when a patient has a bioprosthetic valve replaced, they must have regular health checkups and should be advised to check the valves on a regular basis," Dr Sudheer said.

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