Court levies Rs. 3,000 fine on 'More, says no ads on carry bags

Court fined 'More Retail Store,' Khammam, Rs. 3,000 for selling plastic bags imprinted with the store's logo


KHAMMAM: Telangana State Consumer Disputes Redressal ordered 'More Retail Store,' Khammam, to pay a total of Rs. 3,000 to the complainant for selling plastic bags imprinted with the store's logo. In the verdict announced, the opposite party was directed to pay a sum of Rs. 2,000 towards the mental agony and Rs. 1,000 towards costs to the complainant within 30 days from the date of receipt of the order.

The said amount shall also carry an interest at 7 per cent per annum if the retail store fails to pay the fine, ordered the court.

Vemsani Ravi Kumar, an advocate from Khammam District, sued the popular 'More Retail Limited' for allegedly advertising their store on the carry bags they produce. The Complainant urged that printing of the logo of the retail store was not justified. The complainant had purchased grocery worth Rs. 313.50 from the retail store in May 2019. At the request of the complainant, the store provided a bag charging Rs.4. The complainant noticing the logo printed on the bags questioned the store incharge, who apparently paid deaf ears to him.

The two sides, defending themselves, contended that the consumer must either purchase or bring their own bag. They also said that they had registered trademarks under various categories and classes of goods and services and hence are entitled to print their logo and requested the court to dismiss the complaint.

Selling and manufacturing plastic bags were prohibited. Utilizing plastic bags beyond certain specified microns is considered illegal. Since the plastic bag is sold by the opposite party is more than 50 microns, the court did not find any fault in the store providing plastic carry bags at Rs 4 for their consumers. However, the court found the opposite party guilty of publicizing their name through these carry bags which is not permitted. Therefore, in August 2022, the court ordered that the act of the opposite parties in charging Rs. 4 for the bag containing its advertisement was pursued to be against the spirit of consumerism.

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