Allegations of malpractice in NEET 2024 spark outrage among students

Concerns arose over integrity of results as multiple students secured identical top ranks and showed unusual scores.

Allegations of malpractice in NEET 2024 spark outrage among students

HYDERABAD: The results of NEET 2024 have led to widespread allegations of malpractice, causing significant distress among the 25 lakh students who appeared for the exam. Concerns have been raised over the integrity of the results, with reports of multiple students securing identical top ranks and unusual scoring patterns.

This year, 67 candidates secured All India Rank 1 with perfect scores of 720/720, a stark contrast to previous years where a maximum of three students achieved this feat. Notably, eight students from the same exam centre scored 720 marks, raising suspicions of malpractice.

Students reported scores of 718 and 719, which are theoretically impossible under the NEET marking scheme. This discrepancy has led to confusion and accusations of unfair grading.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) admitted awarding grace marks to 1,563 students due to reported issues during the exam, such as insufficient time. This revelation has further fueled the controversy, as the basis for awarding these marks remains unclear.

The NEET results were announced ten days earlier than scheduled, coinciding with the Lok Sabha election results, leading to speculation that the timing was intended to minimize media scrutiny.

NTA's decision to reopen registrations for two days in April, just 24 days before the exam, has also been criticized as highly unusual.

The controversy has already led to tragic consequences, with a few students reportedly committing suicide. The perceived irregularities have eroded trust in the examination system, prompting calls for a thorough investigation. Students, parents, and educators are urging the authorities to address these issues transparently to restore confidence in the process.

The future of 25 lakh students hangs in the balance as they await a resolution to these serious allegations.

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