Financial problems drive auto-rickshaw driver in Nalgonda to suicide

Nagendra Babu, an auto driver, sold his old auto due to breakdowns but couldn't finance a new one. Stressed, he ended his life.

Financial problems drive auto-rickshaw driver in Nalgonda to suicide

NALGONDA: An auto-rickshaw driver died by suicide, allegedly due to financial problems.

The deceased, Nagendra Babu (32), from Venkatadripalem village in the Nalgonda-Miryalaguda mandal, committed suicide after being unable to cope with financial pressures.

Nagendra Babu had been making a living by driving an auto-rickshaw. However, frequent breakdowns forced him to sell his old auto and purchase a new one. Unable to rent the new auto and struggling to finance both vehicles, Nagendra Babu succumbed to the stress of supporting his family. He ended his life by jumping in front of a train.

The Auto Drivers' Association has visited Nagendra Babu's family and demanded that the government take responsibility for his death. They said auto-rickshaw drivers lost their livelihood after the Congress Government implemented the Maha Lakshmi scheme, providing free travel to women in RTC buses. He said despite assurances, no financial assistance was given to the auto drivers. They demanded an ex-gratia payment of Rs 10 lakhs to Nagendra Babu's family.

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