Former Government Pleader booked for sexual misconduct on court premises

SHE Teams, after investigation, registered an FIR against Sanjay Kumar under different sections of IPC.

Former Government Pleader booked for sexual misconduct on court premises

HYDERABAD: A prominent advocate and former government pleader, A. Sanjay Kumar, has been accused of severe sexual misconduct, leading to a swift investigation by the SHE Teams Hyderabad.

The complainant, whose identity is being kept confidential for privacy reasons, accused Sanjay Kumar of several instances of sexual harassment, coercion, stalking, and blackmail, allegedly occurring within court premises. According to the complaint, Sanjay Kumar forced her to provide sexual favours, stalked her daily, and used his influence to intimidate and blackmail her.

Upon receiving the complaint, SHE Teams Hyderabad promptly initiated an investigation to ensure the complainant's safety and provide her with legal support. An FIR was registered against Sanjay Kumar with charges under sections 354, 354D, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code. The Charminar Police Station is leading the investigation, collecting evidence, witness statements, and other information to build a solid case against the accused.

In a separate incident, one individual was charged before the XI Special Metropolitan Magistrate for another offence. The court sentenced this person to six days of simple imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs 200.

Additionally, five individuals were caught red-handed and presented before the 1st Special Metropolitan Magistrate in a different case. Each person received a sentence of two days of simple imprisonment and a Rs 200 fine.

SHE Teams Hyderabad reiterated its commitment to justice for victims of harassment and abuse. The unit is dedicated to providing assistance and support to those who need it. To report harassment or to seek assistance, SHE Teams Hyderabad offers a dedicated helpline via WhatsApp at 9490616555. SHE Teams Hyderabad is committed to taking decisive action against all forms of harassment to ensure a safe environment for women in Hyderabad.

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