Hyderabad Police bust international cell phone theft and smuggling gang, seize 713 stolen smartphones

Police arrested 31 people, including 15 snatchers, 11 receivers, 4 technicians, and a Sudanese buyer who exported stolen phones.

Hyderabad Police bust international cell phone theft and smuggling gang, seize 713 stolen smartphones

HYDERABAD: The Commissioner's Task Force in Hyderabad, along with local police, dismantled an international gang involved in cell phone theft and smuggling, seizing property worth Rs 2 crore. A total of 31 individuals, including one Sudanese national, were apprehended.

Police seized 713 smartphones, one Bajaj passenger auto, two computers, and one laptop from the possession of the arrested individuals.

The investigation revealed a significant rise in mobile phone snatchings in Hyderabad, linked to robberies, extortions, and even murder. This led to the discovery of a major criminal network involved in cell phone theft, with offenders and receivers operating both nationally and internationally.

The gang comprised 15 main offenders, including Mohammad Amjad, Syed Ghayaz Hashmi, and others, who were engaged in cell phone theft and extortion in crowded areas. There were 11 receivers, including Shaik Shahbaz Khan and Mohammed Arshad Mohiuddin, who facilitated the unlawful transportation and resale of stolen cell phones. Additionally, there were four technicians, including Syed Raheem and Mohd Arbaz Khan, who specialised in unlocking stolen phones and altering IMEI numbers.

Subsequently, these cell phones were sold to one Sudanese national, Mohamed Musa Hassan Gamaralanbia, residing in Nanal Nagar, Hyderabad, who illegally exported these via sea routes.

The offenders snatched phones in busy areas such as buses, wine shops, and public meetings. They sold these phones to receivers, who worked with technicians to unlock and tamper with the IMEI numbers. These phones were then sold illegally, often dismantled for parts or exported.

The police linked the gang to numerous theft cases across various police stations in Hyderabad, including Falaknuma, Afzalgunj, and Vanasthalipuram, among others. The arrested individuals had previous criminal records involving theft and other offences.

DCP Commissioner's Task Force S Rashmi Perumal advised the general public to remain vigilant in crowded areas and report any incidents of theft immediately. Mobile shop owners were warned against buying or selling stolen phones and engaging in illegal activities, as strict action would be taken against violators.

The arrests were made under the supervision of Additional DCP A Srinivasa Rao and Inspectors Shaik Jakeer Hussain, D. Venkat Reddy, and A. Nagarjuna.

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