Pawan Kalyan's security guard attacked in Hyderabad

Police confirmed that assault was due to personal animosity and it had no political motives.

Pawan Kalyans security guard attacked in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: In a disturbing incident, the personal security guard of actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan was assaulted by a relative due to previous enmity.

The victim, Venkat, resided in Lenin Nagar, along with his wife Sarita and two children, for the last five years. His relative, Raju, who lived in the same locality, allegedly assaulted his house after attempting to set his bike on fire.

The conflict originated from an old feud between the families of Raju and Venkat, who resided opposite each other. The altercation escalated last night when Venkat's wife, Sarita, intervened as an eight-year-old boy indecently exposed himself to Venkat's daughter. Subsequently, individuals from Raju's household, accompanied by others, attacked Venkat's residence with sticks, bricks, and iron rods, vandalizing CCTV cameras and assaulting Venkat's family members.

Meerpet Police filed cases against seven individuals, including Raghu, Sandhya, Chinna, and Raju, under sections 307, 448, 427, and 435. Two accused individuals are currently absconding.

Police police maintained that the assault was a result of personal animosity and did not have any political motives.

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