Hyderabad's iconic shops that satiate your 'Diwali sweet cravings'

Hyderabad is home to numerous well-known sweets stores that are typically packed with customers during the festival season.

Hyderabads iconic shops that satiate your Diwali sweet cravings

HYDERABAD: It is Diwali time and the festival vibe is palpable everywhere. The festival of lights will be incomplete without the delectable sugary treats and desserts prepared in Indian homes and distributed to family members, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Hyderabadis, who are well known for their love of food and desserts, have a special list of sweets they prefer to devour and want to share during the Diwali season in the city.

Hyderabad is home to numerous well-known sweets stores that are typically packed with customers during the festival season. Also, Hyderabadis have fond memories of receiving sweet boxes from their friends and family, specially ordered from some of the city's most famous outlets.

"The best memory I have of Diwali sweets is receiving sweet boxes from friends bought from some iconic Hyderabad sweets shops. On receiving a mixed mithai box from a neighbour or one of my father's friends, I used to compete with my sister to see who could choose the best sweets," says Haseeb Jafferi, Cultural Curator at Sufi Trails.

G Pulla Reddy is an iconic Hyderabadi sweets store that was established in 1948. Pulla Reddy's brand is synonymous with extraordinary ghee-based sweets. Haseeb fondly recalls that one of their most favourite ones is Mysore Pak, which is distinct and very soft due to the use of high-quality ghee. Other popular sweets of G Pulla reddy include Khoowa puri, Kaaju Paakam, Sunnundalu and Badam Kathli.

Agra Mithai Ghar, which was established in 1951 and is next to Sher a Batil-ki Kaaman, is another sweets shop that Jafferi claims is very well-liked by the old city folks, particularly the Marwadi population. "My favourite from this place is chamcham and the various types of yummy Ras malais," says Jafferi, with the rider that their milk-based lassi and sweets are what really set them apart.

Dr Haseeb Jafferi also picks out Sutarfeni, also known as Pheni in Hyderabadi Dakini, among his other preferred options. Pheni is a Gujarati sweet, prepared with shredded all-purpose flour that is roasted in ghee (clarified butter), blended with melted sugar and topped with finely chopped pistachios and almonds. In fact, Pheni offers a tell-tale sign of the Diwali season approaching when all the sweets stores begin stacking spherical pyramids of this delicacy. One of the famous outlets that acquired the reputation of one of the best Pheni sellers in the city is Sree Satyanarayana Mithai Bandhar in Siddiamaber Bazar, opposite Jamia Masjid.

Pheni decked up for Diwali

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