884 degrees conferred at IIT-H convocation

884 degrees were conferred at the 11th Joint Convocation held on Saturday at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

884 degrees conferred at IIT-H convocation

884 degrees were conferred at the 11th Joint Convocation held on Saturday at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. In the first physical convocation held after the pandemic, 873 students received a total of 884 degrees, including 282 undergraduate, 468 graduate, and 134 PhD degrees, as well as four gold and 32 silver medals.

According to IITH Hyderabad, it is the highest number of graduates in a year so far, not only at IITH but also possibly at any second-generation IIT in India. This number also includes the first-time graduating batch of our unique Interdisciplinary & Industry-oriented programs: Additive Manufacturing, Energy Science & Technology, E-Waste Resource Engineering & Management, Integrated Sensor Systems, Polymers and Biosystems Engineering, and Smart Mobility.

Congratulations IITH graduates on occasion, Prof. Subra Suresh, President, NTU Singapore, said, "Never underestimate the power of one university, one individual, one idea, one act of courage, or one programme to have a significant influence on local and global society. Contemplate, cultivate, and elevate your global and historical perspective with patience and compassion, always. When combined with the excellent education you received at IIT Hyderabad, you will have an impact not only on your local community or country, but on all of humanity.To maximise the power of one, that is you, it is critical that your perspectives do not focus only on the individual but also on the collective, not just on the local community but equally on the implications of your actions on the world around you. This requires broad-mindedness and convictions grounded in principles and values."

Cheering the graduates with the urge to keep the IIT Hyderabad flag high, Prof B S Murty, Director IITH, presented the Institute Report for Academic Year 2021-2022 and added, "While attempting to portray the journey of IITH last year, through various waves of the pandemic and its after-effects, I realised that we excellently leveraged the digital prowess to overcome the hollowness created by the pandemic." The transformation from live to online was well managed to be contactless yet even more connected. As it is said, every wave of life teaches a lesson; we have learned to nail the situation with resilience, solidarity, and innovation. Last year, we crossed a major milestone by successfully graduating 10 batches of students year after year, increasing our number of students and building the infrastructure necessary for it. I am happy to inform you that from this year onwards we will be celebrating the success of the Decennial batch of graduates every year".

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